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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Worm

Chances are if you come to our house this is how you will find my oldest child. Completely engrossed in a good book. This child has a thirst for reading and learning that I have never known. I love to read but in a different way. I read books. Alexa gets lost in them. She becomes a part of the story, rereads her favorite parts and juggles four or five different ones throughout the day.

I gave her 9 books for Christmas. She has read all of them and some of them twice. She has also read other books since then too like "The Wizard of OZ" and "Anne of Green Gables". She brought home another Nancy Drew book today as well. Six of the books I gave to her for Christmas were Nancy Drew books.

She also comes home from school and tells me how exciting her day was and how much she has learned and she is always so happy to tell me what they are working on. I love this girl and sometimes can't believe such a smart, talented beautiful girl is all mine. I love her to pieces.

*sometimes I do have to tell her to put the book away so we can do other things. Yesterday I took her shopping for some shoes and she was bummed that she didn't bring her book so she could read while we waited in lines. I told her we didn't need books while we shopped, we could chat.


Karen said...

She is a pretty amazing girl! I adore her love of learning and just about everything else about her. I miss all of you! Love you tons.

AW said...

So reminds me of Adrienne... I found myself laughing inside last night as I had to get after her for reading so much and that she needed to go to sleep!

Jason said...

haha! A girl after my own heart! i was the same way when i was little and still am! reading is the best! (: Good for her!

Sarah said...

Haha! A girl after my own heart! I was the same way when i was little and still am! reading is the best! (: Good for her!