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Thursday, January 13, 2011

It Gets Him Every Time

I know I said I was going to blog more. Why is it that life gets away from me? The babies are quite handfuls these days. When they are awake I have to be fully aware and ready for anything. Lily loves to throw things in the toilet. I found Carter's shoe in one the other day. They both love to see if they can get into Alexa's room and color themselves with as many markers they can get their hands on before someone stops them. There is never a dull moment around here.

But, this post is really about Dallin. This child loves to watch movies. He is kind of a junky if you let him. I have had to cut him off and make him earn some TV time. He now has a chore chart that he loves to check off. One of his favorite things to do is laundry and today he learned how to dust the furniture. He did his chores and read me a book so I let him watch his beloved Toy Story 3 while Alexa was at a friend's house. He tries to watch this any chance he gets.

The babies were downstairs playing so toward the end of his movie I went down to play with everyone. The movie had gotten to the point where Andy was giving away his toys and it was hard for him to do. Dallin looked at the screen and said, "why is he giving them away mom?" He had big tears in his eyes. I told him, "he needs his toys to have a new home." He shed his tears and then kept playing and then we danced to the songs of the closing credits.

I write this story here because this is a true representation of this little man. He is rambunctious, busy, stubborn and cute. But, one of his greatest qualities is his tender-heartedness. He really has a tender soul. Somedays I think his other qualities may make me scream but then he reminds me of who he really is and I hold my tongue and hug him tight.


D-dawg said...

he's really handsome Laura. I love your family picture that is your blog header too!

Rob and Jewls said...

Aww! So sweet! This reminds me of Luke...he cries in movies a lot. They are handfuls, but sensitive souls. Love it!

Karen said...

I love that little guy. Miss you all!

Sherrie Martineau said...

I love the chore chart, brings back great memories!
That is the sweetest description of Dallin. What a sweet, handsome and tender little boy. (and he does laundry?... Better warn the women!)