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Monday, June 28, 2010

Easter, Blossoms, babies and a Birthday!

We had a great Spring even though the blog has been lacking. I really am blessed to have such great kids who cherish every little thing we do. Easter was so fun because it was conference weekend so we were just together having a great time.

One of our Spring traditions is to go see the cherry blossoms down at the tidal basin. Jeff was super busy with work so we were lucky that he took a break to go have a picnic with the fam and see the beautiful blossoms. The babies are getting bigger. They are almost a year old and I know I have not shared enough photos of them. I took some pictures in our yard when they were about 7 months old so sorry they are not recent but man are they some cute babies!!!

Finally Alexa had a glamour birthday party. My friend is a hairdresser so she came and did the girls' hair and we had such a great time! I am not a good blogger I know but I had to show off my cute kiddos:)