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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christmas in February?

Now that it is Valentines Day I am finally getting around to Christmas. I have somehow hurt my knee and we have had two blizzards which has resulted with an injured mommy entertaining four very bored children so blogging has not been on the forefront. Who am I kidding? This year has been bad when it comes to blogging. Hopefully I will catch up by the twins' first birthday. We had a great Christmas. Grammy was able to come and spend 10 days with us!!!! It was heavenly. She helped with the kids, baked, cooked, ironed, cleaned, babysat(we went on an actual date, dinner and a movie) played with kids and did I say helped me sooooooo much!!! I cried big tears when she left on New Years Day. It was an awesome holiday break and I think everyone had a great time. Here are the pictures to prove it. Some of them are out of order but I can't figure out why I can't move them. Okay, here is Dallin's gingerbread man that he decorated all by himself. We were all laughing so hard we were crying. Can you tell he sees me feeding the twins too much'? We called him the Gingerboob boy :)
We went bowling on New Years Day and the kids had a blast.

Lily on Christmas Eve at the diner
Grammy and Carter at the diner.

Aww, what a cute couple!!
Grandpa, we are so glad to keep the tradition going strong of going out to breakfast on Christmas Eve.

Sneaking candy while making a gingerbread house.

Dad is always the builder

Christmas Eve pjs

Carter in his new pjs

My cuties

Running down the stairs on Chrismtas morning

No disappointment here!

Carter was really impressed with his new toy:)

Alexa and Dallin made some art for Dad's office.

Dallin loved his leapster, thanks Grandma and Grandpa

Excuse the horrible picture of me, but Jeff got me my very own laptop. I have never had my own computer!! I love it . It is tiny and red and I use it all the time, like right now!!

Mom and Dad were good to Alexa and got her a DSi just like she wanted

Grammy made aprons and chef hats for the kids. They love them and use them all the time.

Cute chef

Lily loved her rattle!

More pics in front of the tree!

Merry Christmas!