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Friday, January 08, 2010

Let's start here

Yes, we are still alive. I know so many of you were wondering. We had a great December. I am way behind on just about everything so we will just start here. Everyone has posted about sitting on Santa's lap and such but we got to do it and then go home and wake up the next morning to 2 feet of snow!!!! That's right 2 feet. We had a great time playing in it. School was cancelled for three days which was just fine because Alexa was supposed to go to school up until the 23rd, weird. Jeff's car was stuck for three days so when he went to work he took mine and we were stuck. It was kind of crazy but fun. The kids stayed in their jammies all day and played in the snow. We also had a great Christmas but that will come next. For now enjoy our pictures. Santa baby

Singing at the Christmas party

Never tell this kid to say cheese or you get this, what a doll though.

another Santa baby:)

Next year they will be screaming!

I love this girl! She is getting skeptical about the jolly guy though:(

Hot chocolate, we had a lot of it in December

Look at all that snow, did we move back to Colorado?

Fun dad



Digging out. Jeff was out there for three hours and still couldn't get the Civic out. We didn't get it out until Wednesday!!!!