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Monday, December 14, 2009

Now that they are sleeping through the night...

I finally feel human enough to blog again. We had a great Thanksgiving with friends. We have so much to be thankful for this year! Four healthy kids, a new house, Jeff has a great job and we have everything we need. It was a great weekend, Jeff was actually home and we had so much family time I didn't want it to end. Jeff loooooves to decorate for Christmas so we trimmed the tree the day after Thanksgiving and he put lights outside. I will get a picture of those later. We put the rest of the decorations up and played with the Little People Nativity.

There are other pictures of the babies, Carter rolled over once, but won't do it again and he tried peas. Lily didn't even want to try food. Carter didn't eat them so we will hold off a little longer. Like I said above they are FINALLY sleeping and we are all so much happier. They sleep 8 hours and then have a feeding and then sleep for three more hours. Their naps are better and they are happier babies so hopefully life will be more manageable now that I will not be in a constant sleepless fog. Enjoy the photos and hopefully there will be more soon.

Some of the photos are out of order because blogger won't let me move them.

Babies First Thanksgiving no thanks

The tree trimming
Alexa loves to decorate the tree!

I hung the stockings and then took a crooked picture:)

yes that is my 4 year old on the top of the ladder. I am such a good mom

The kids' table at Thanksgiving. Dallin is "trying" the turkey and eating his third roll.

My pie, I think it looks pretty good. (banana cream, my favorite)

Cute smiles

the rolling progression