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Thursday, October 08, 2009

All Smiles

I have been trying to capture smiles on camera for a few days now. As you can see from the top picture this is not an easy task. Although they are adorable, they are the crankiest babies I have ever had. I thought they were just hungry so we have been supplementing. I pump after as many feedings as I can. This seems to help a little but they are still just cranky. I think this may start to ebb out now that they are more aware of their surroundings, but if you live in the area and want to come hold a baby give me a call. (they love to be held, but I can't hold them all the time or even at the same time, I need a double sling) Anyway, I attempted to get smiles this morning but I finally got some this afternoon. Thanks Mom for begging me to get these up. I haven't even gotten a shower yet today but I have updated the blog:)
first attempt