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Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Mommy

Where do I begin with this little lady? She is such a cutie with her new little brother and sister. She has been in love since the minute I called her to tell her that they had arrived. She was almost crying when I told her on the phone, she was so excited! I had no idea she would be so excited but she is loving life with them.

She is not afraid of work and has helped me out so much. She tends them while I shower, gives them binkies, burps them, helps with diaper changes, and keeps them happy. We haven't taken them out too much but when we have she is so excited to tell people about them and what their names are. We have had to tell her not to tell everyone everything about us but it is cute to see how truly happy she is to be a part of our litle family.

I love having Alexa around. She really is such a sweet, happy girl and I am so blessed to have an oldest child that is so loving and willing to help. Sometimes I forget she is only 7 because she is so willing to be such a big kid and help me out. I have loved seeing her with the twins and seeing what a great mother she will be some day. I love you little lady!

Dank You Dat

This kid has the uncanny ablity to sleep anywhere at anytime. He was watching Wall-E and fell asleep while eating popcorn.

Giving loves

This little four year old of mine just cracks me up! He is cute, sweet, crazy and mischevious all at the same time. His new moniker while he prays is Dank You Dat(thank you that) and then he lists what he is thankful for. He says the cutest things, among them are:

  • Jesus is reverent

  • Dad is my dad

  • Mom is my mom

  • At least twice in each prayer that the babies could come out of mommy's tummy, (he likes having me back)

  • Grandma could come

  • we could have a new house

  • we can go to church

  • Alexa is my sister

  • for the babies

Those are just a few and he is just the cutest thing in the world with his new brother and sister. He always wants to kiss and hold them and give them their binkies. He does get bored quickly and gives them back but he loves to be my little helper.

I was worried about how our little relationship would change since he was my baby for so long but he still gives me cuddles and kisses and I love him just the same, although he seems to have grown very quickly in the last four weeks. Jeff thinks he has a huge head! He does but look at those beautiful blue eyes he has too.

He is mischevious still but he keeps things interesting especially when he snags something out of the pantry that he is not supposed to or if he comes to you and just stares you know he has done something wrong. He is my little crazy guy but he keeps it interesting around here. Everyone needs a little guy like him around. I am dankful dat he is in our family.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photo Shoots

These were taken at about 2 weeks so they are a few weeks late but hey we are doing our best around here. Here are some cute babes!

Perspective, this is a normal size stuffed animal. Carter can take him though.

All dressed up and nowhere to go

tummy time

Cute babies

Trying out the crib. This was 2 weeks ago and they didn't do very well so we went back to the carseats but today they both napped in the crib! Obviously this will be Lily's crib but for now they are sharing, what cute little burritos.

They love their binkies and they always turn towards each other.

Thanks for the cute preemie outfits Anne Marie, they are perfect!


First Bath

Carter Man didn't love the bath, but was okay for a minute. He really just wanted to get out and wrap up in his plush towel that grammy sent.

Lily was pretty calm while we bathed her but promptly pooped in the plush towel that Grammy made for her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Deets

Now that the twins are three weeks old I finally feel a little more human and I want to write down how it all went down. By the way, they are doing great! They both weighed in yesterday at 4 lb 13 oz. so they are growing! Way to go Lily Beth and Carter Man (nicknames we are trying)

Anyway, back to the happenings of their birth. As you all know I was on bedrest and had been since about 20 weeks. At 34 weeks they had said that I could get up to get my own food and be around the house a little more but to still be careful. On Sunday was the 34 week mark. I tried to get up a little but my body was done. I had hard contractions so I just stayed in my bed anyway. That Tuesday July 21 I went to the OB for a checkup. She looked at me and said I looked kind of bad. I thought well, who doesn't when they are in bed for 4 months but she told me I looked like I was in pain. I told her that I still felt pressure and had hard contractions every day. She wanted to check me. She did and her eyes got wide. She said, " you are at a three and I can feel baby A's head." I was pretty sure I was dilating but not sure how far I was. She told me that she was sending me home but to go to the hospital if my contractions were 7-10 minutes apart. She told me to just stay in my bed and try not to get up. Well, I was used to that.

My kids were taken care of for the day and I went home and tried to rest. I cramped all day and Jeff came home at 8 and I was just uncomfortable but I was used to pain. This whole pregnancy I had contractions and pressure and even on heavy doses of medication I think I was just used to being uncomfortable. Tuesday night I was crampy and my contactions were probably 7 minutes apart but I was in denial and just told myself that they weren't close enough. I only got about 3 hours of sleep and by Wednesday morning I was still crampy but not too bad. I thought I was fine until I called my Mom and she told me I didn't sound good. I thought well, I am so tired but she insisted that I go back and get checked again.

At around 11:00 I was playing Bingo with Alexa before she went to a friend's house. She left and I thought well, I guess I will listen to my mom and go get checked even though I wasn't feeling that bad anymore. I called the office and they told me that I was too dilated the day before so I had to go to the hospital. I was kind of mad and begged to just go to the office but they said no, we don't want you to have twins in the office. I had Jeff stay home and work from home that day so at about noon I told Jeff that they were making me go to the hospital. We packed a bag and I got dressed and the whole way to the hospital I was saying, " they are just going to send me home."

We got there and I walked into the hospital and waited for Jeff to park the car. We got up to L&D at 12:30 and they got the admitting underway before they checked me. At about 1:00 they got me into a bed and hooked up to a monitor. They checked me and the nurse got wide eyed and said " Are you really not in any pain? I said, "not really" She said you are at a six! I was shocked. I was in denial and said so are you going to keep me? She laughed and said yes, you are having them now. They wheeled me to a room to get an epidural. They had to get it going in case I needed a c- section. I got to the room at about 1:30 and they checked again and I was at an 8, still not much pain. At 2:00 I had the epidural and they broke my water and then it was bad. I was having contractins on top of each other and I was hyperventilating. They have to deliver twins in the OR just in case you need a c-section so at about 2:15 they wheeled me in there and by 2:43 we had our little Lily Beth. It took 3o minutes because her head was turned to the side. Carter came 9 minutes later and he was sunny side up with the cord around his neck so that is why he took a little while.

I had the epidural but from the time they gave it to me and the time I had Lily it was not really working. It was a very quick delivery and quite painful, but it was over fast and individually they were my smallest babies yet so my recovery has been great. I was lucky not to need a c-section and I was lucky that it was over so quickly. I was grateful that they had not let me go to the office because later I found out that if I had I would have had to go to the hospital in an ambulance, now that would have been crazy.

When I write it down it sounds like it took longer than it did. It was fast and crazy! We had neonatologists and about 10 nurses in the room and I literally saw doctors running, which I have never seen before. They were all amazed at how fast it was all happening. I tried to be brave but honestly there was sobbing and screaming. The nurses had to give me oxygen to keep me from passing out and another one took my head in her hands and made me breathe.

It was a hard pregnancy physically, mentally and emotionally but it taught me a lot and when I look at my beautiful babies I am so grateful for modern medicine so that I didn't have them at 25 weeks when I was admitted for preterm labor the first time. I am also thankful that they are mine and if my body could handle it again I would do it again, but I know they are my last and I am living up every minute of babyhood that we have around here. Painful or not it was worth it!
They both were born so quickly and then whisked away to the NICU so I didn't even know what they looked like until they finally got me up to the NICU to see them. It was an exciting day and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Let's Pretend.......

That it is Wednesday July 29th and I told you that Carter came home today!!!!! I should have written this post then but having two infants in the NICU and then having them come home at separate times is a tricky time to maneuver. Carter has been doing so well from the get go. When he was born he wasn't breathing well, but once he started he did great. He began breastfeeding really well and after his jaundice quieted down he was able to go home! We are so grateful to the Lord for blessing us with our little peanut In the car on the way home
What a cute boy! That binkie looks huge! He went home weighing in at 4 lbs. 5 oz.

See ya NICU
Bonding at home with Miss Alexa after a tiring first night at home. He could tell he was in a different place and didn't sleep much. Oh well, I got a good week of sleep before he came home so it was bad, but not as bad as it could have been.
Now we are in present day and it is Miss Lily's turn to come home. She came home yesterday August 1, 2009. Lily has some sleep apnea issues so she had to stay longer to see how she responded to some medication and she was sent home on a respiratory/heart rate monitor. Kind of annoying, but so much better than what it could have been and she is home. We are so blessed to have this little lady here with us. We couldn't be more excited.
Our little lovebug leaving the NICU
Bonding with brother. We changed him back into his coming home outfit because they were supposed to match and come home together. Her blanket says "little lovebug" and his says "little peanut"
I have 4 kids!!!!!

The next series of pictures is all the same but I put them all up because I thought it was indicative of what family photos will be for the next few years now that we have a BIG family.
Baby getting lost in his hat, 4 year old not smiling and 7 year old closing her eyes.
Babies still crying and getting cropped out of the picture
Dad with his eyes closed. Oh well, at least we were all there, that's what counts right?
The new nursery, a work in progress but it is coming along. I will put more pics up when it is all done. This is Carter's crib.
This is Lily's crib, and also my fun black rocker with white polka dots.

The changing table that Jeff painted black. It used to be white. Great job babe.

The new residents. Aren't they cute?!!!
If you noticed. We are also in our new house. I will also post more pictures of the new house soon too. What an exciting, crazy ,but fun time in our lives. We are loving life.