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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Hate Big Business

Yesterday was a sad day. My friend Emily had been in town for 10 days taking care of me and my kids. She seriously kept my kids so busy that they are going through withdrawls. Let me tell you a few things they did. Saw UP, went Strawberry picking, went to a water park for kids, the natural history museum, the library, painting, playing and eating. She is the most amazing friend and she had to leave yesterday. I cried quite a bit when she and Jeff left for the airport. I will miss you Em. I hope you can come back when the babies are born!

Well, if that wasn't enough. Emily left around 6am. I was awake and I have to just stay in my bed anyway so I thought I would watch a little news to see if I could snooze for a few more minutes. Well, that didn't happen. Let me give you a little background. We are moving in a few days, yes we bought a house! I will post pictures as soon as we are settled. Anyway, I called our internet and cable company a few weeks ago to schedule the transition and they said it was set to go. Well, on Tuesday the new renters of this house called to schedule their set up and everything went down hill from there. Their new order messed up our order and the point is that instead of our service here being disconnected on the 29th it was disconnected on the 24th! They don't open until 8am so I had to wait to see if I could get it reconnected. Well, I spent a good 2 hours getting help and they finally said I would have service by noon. Well, noon came and went. 3pm came and went. 5pm came and went finally I called and someone finally helped me and at 8pm we had internet and tv. During all this our phone service went out but by 10pm we had our phone back. It sounds kind of silly that I went through all of that to get service back for a few more days, but I am on BEDREST!!! Yesterday was one of the loneliest days of my life. My kids were farmed out to friends because no one was here and I had no tv or internet!!

I read, slept, colored yes I colored a Littlest Pet Shop coloring book and waited for my family to come home. Luckily my sisters happened to call and I think I talked their ears off. My mom called too so I had some human contact. Anyway, it showed me how much I rely on technology. I remember when I started college they gave me an email address and I had no idea what to do with it. I didn't really know what the internet was. Strange how our lives change so quickly. Today will be a little different. I have all of my services and my aunt is coming to town to help us out. What a difference a day makes. Anyway, I titled this I Hate Big Business because I had to jump through hoops all day to get to someone who was willing to help me. Most people just transferred me or hung up on me, no one took responsibility. I wish there was a hometown company that just took care of their customers. I know they can't survive against the big guys so that will never happen but one can dream right.

Here's to another day on bedrest with a little entertainment! I am 30 weeks and 4 days. We are hoping for about 4 more weeks. I did get admitted for the third time last week and they let me go thank goodness so my goal is at least 34 weeks if not more and no more hospital time until they are born. Keep those fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still on Bedrest

Well, I had an eventful week this last week. I went to have an ultrasound last Tuesday and ended up being admitted to the hospital. They kept me overnight and slowed the contractions
I was having. I was able to come home(thank goodness!) but I have to be on strict bedrest. I only have bathroom privileges:( My mom is here to help which is such a blessing! We are getting along okay, but boy is this hard. I remember this being hard with Dallin but it started about 10 weeks earlier this time so it is just hard. I know that other people go through harder times so that is what I think about while I lie here. That is could be worse. I just want healthy babies so I just have to remind myself of that while I watch reruns and lame cable daytime TV.

Jeff has been great. Dallin's birthday is tomorrow so he took he and a few friends bowling on Saturday and then to McDonald's. Dallin thought it was a great birthday party. I was so sad to miss out on it, but he had so much fun. Jeff has also been keeping my spirits up. It is hard to smile all the time when you never make your bed! If you know me you know that I hate to have an unmade bed,but it would be a little uncomfortable to lie on a made bed day in and day out. He makes me smile and laugh and helps me see how blessed I am to be at home. I love him so much.

I did get out and go to a dr appt today and it was great to get out! I hadn't been outside in a week. Nothing has gotten worse so the bedrest stayed the same. No hospital! I am 28 weeks and we are hoping for at least 32 if not more so keep these little babes in your prayers.

On a completely different note. Jeff and I haven't been on a date in a looooooong time. I am looking for ideas of a great date night movie that we haven't seen. I think on Saturday night after the kids go to bed we will try to have a bedrest date. Maybe we will even get takeout. Send me movie recommendations.

I will survive, it has just been long so far, but our hope is to get two healthy babies out of it. We love them so much already.