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Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is the best stuff!!!!!

I was on the phone the other day and I was telling my sister how bored I was. We were talking about some good things to eat and she asked what I was craving lately. I told her I was on a yogurt kick and just could not get enough. She told me about this new frozen yogurt that was slow churned and had real active cultures. You know when you are pregnant your digestive system needs those active cultures. She told me vanilla was good but chocolate brownie was awesome. So, the other day while I was putting my order in at Safeway I added the chocolate brownie to the order. You can imagine my disappointment when the delivery guy got to my door and brought my groceries in and then showed me the items that were "out of stock". Some of the items like tomatoes and carrots I was really mad about but the frozen yogurt, nooooo!!!! A pregnant woman that can't get out of the house and had this on her mind, so sad. So, I told Jeff that he had to get it for me so he went after work. He got home late and I tried it and I can honestly say it was the best frozen yogurt I have ever had. Now I have it as my treat with bananas on top. I love it!! Try it, it is sooo good!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baseball Game With Dad

With me being on bedrest it was a great time for a daddy-daughter date. Alexa was so excited to go to a Nationals game with Dad and she even got to wear my pink Nationals hat. My kids have such big heads that they can wear our hats:) She and Dad got to split chicken and fries(they wre supposed to have nachos too, but somehow those ened up on the ground) that she said were yummy and they even got to have hot chocolate at the end because it was kind of a chilly night. She had so much fun just being with Dad and Dallin went to a friend's house for dinner. I was here alone just growing. Here are some cute pictures of their fun together.

She loved sitting with the mascot. Such a fun kid!!!!

Our supermodel

Jeff's firm has great seats so he hopes to take the kids to many more games this season. I am sad that I can't go. I love going to baseball games. Maybe we can go next year with 4 kids, ummm maybe not!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Here

I tried to upload photos to blogger today and it wouldn't work. I had a great post about Easter planned, but to no avail. My kids really did look really cute so that will have to wait for another day. My day today was classic bedrest style. I had my groceries delivered from and then we had an exterminator come for some weird flying things. I had a time window for the groceries from 10-12 and a window for the exterminator from 12-2 and I had no problem waiting around all day. I have always hated waiting during windows of time, but now I have nothing better to do, so maybe I should have the cable guy come over tomorrow for fun:)

I can tell that I need to be right where I am though because I have felt a lot of pressure and I know it would be worse if I was walking around. These babies are so active! They are just jumping around in there and I told Jeff the other night that I didn't think I could get any bigger and to that he just laughed. I think I am about the same size as when I delivered Dallin and I still have a while to go. I have contemplated putting a picture of my belly here like a lot of other pregnant women, but I am not quite sure if that would be a good idea.

Kind of a boring update, but that's how bedrest goes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

No Excuses

Okay, so here I sit while I incubate some babies and you say, why aren't you blogging everyday? I guess it is because I have three months of pictures saved on my camera and I have finally uploaded them onto my computer. I want to tell everyone about what we have been up to, but I think the reason I have not done it quite yet is because there is so much. So, to help me feel like I am not just recapping in one long booooring post I will just start with this weekend and kind of go backwards.

I have done this bedrest thing before so I thought this would be easier this time around, but I find myself just wanting to go for a run! My friends have made it easier to be lazy though. Everyday I have offers to take my kids to a fun place or over to play and they bring me groceries and call me on the phone to check on me. Hopefully with their help these babies will be born at a healthy weight and we will have no NICU stay. Now on to our weekend.

This weekend was a big one for our family. I haven't mentioned it on our blog before because I didn't want to jinx it but, WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOME!!!!! We closed on Friday and it is actually happening. We are renting back to the sellers until mid July so it doesn't feel quite real yet, but come July it will. We will be having some things done to the house before we move in and we are so excited to have a place that is all our own. We just hope we don't have any babies before we move in. Pictures will come later.

On Saturday our current neighborhood had a yard sale. We have moved so much that we really didn't have much to sell. (Read as mom is on bed rest and Dad is too busy being Dad and Mom to find things to sell at a yard sale.) Anyway, Jeff had the greatest idea. He said wouldn't it be fun if the kids sold donuts and OJ at the yard sale and made some money? He said, "they're cute, who won't buy from them." Well, it worked.

The set up, you can't read the sign, but it says Alexa and Dallin's dounuts and OJ $1.00 for both. Yes, donuts is spelled wrong but that added to the cuteness.

The first earnings What the earnings bought: a teeny, tiny littlest pet shop set.

More cars, we needed more you know

At the end of the yard sale the kids sold all of their donuts and some people even just bought OJ and gave them a dollar anyway. Our family ate 4 of the donuts out of the two dozen and they still made $23!!! We rounded up to 24 so it would be even. The kids figured out how much tithing they owed and then split the rest. Jeff was great and took them to target and they each spent their earnings. They were so proud of themselves and it was great family time. I even went down for a little while and sat in a chair. Alexa was dancing and singing "Donuts for sale" Way to go kids.

Jeff and I also enjoyed our last hurrah of a date on Saturday night. With me on bedrest we will not be part of our babysitting swap so this was our last one. We had take out and watched a movie, it was nice. I will be posting something everyday from now on so stay tuned:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

21 Weeks and already housebound

We went in to our perinatologist today to measure the babies and to check my cervix. I have had issues in the past and since we are having twins they monitor me even more closely. We had a great ultrasound with two very active babies and I just think they are adorable. After the measurements were done they measured my cervix to see if there was any shortening going on. With Dallin my cervix started to shorten at about 23 weeks. The doctor measured and I could tell by her hestitation, and when she looked through my chart without saying anything that this couldn't be good news. The first thing she said was are you working? I said no I stay home. She said, well you need to stay home and not really do anything but sit from now on. No laundry, no grocery shopping, no fun outings:( I knew in my heart that this was coming, but I am kind of surprised that it came this early. So, here I sit. For now I am just thankful that it is not full bedrest and I can still walk around my house a little, but bummed that I won't be out enjoying spring and summer activities with my kids.

If you are here in the area please stop by to say hello and if not give me a call, I'll be here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

When will it end?

I'm 20 weeks and I threw up last night. I thought the vomiting and anti-nausea medication was over, but apprently not:(

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Some Thoughts Please

It has been a long time. This very pregnant body of mine has just not felt like blogging, but I am slowly getting the bug back and hopefully I will even upload some photos soon, but for now I need some help. As you know we are having twins, a boy and a girl. We are having a tough time coming up with names. We thought we wanted to do names that had the same beginning letter, but as we try to pick we find one that we like and then can't find a name to match. What do you think, should we just pick two independent names, or should they have the same letter? If you have a good combo send it my way. Hopefully these babies have names when they are born because right now there is no frontrunner. Thanks for your input.