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Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome to Parenthood

Last night was a typical Thursday night. We had dinner, waffles, hashbrowns, and fruit. Simple, easy and the kids were in heaven. After dinner we went upstairs and the kids started taking a bath. I began to clean up while they were both contained in the tub. After they were sufficiently wrinkled and pruney they decided to get out. We dried off and got jammies on and at about this time 7:30 Dad came home!! This may sound normal but Dad never gets home this early. The kids were thrilled to see Dad and so was I. Jeff was starving so I offered to go downstairs and make him a hot waffle and he was more than thankful to eat. The kids had by then gone downstairs to the kitchen table and were coloring and playing quietly. I went into the kitchen and got out the waffle batter and before I could turn the waffle iron on I heard a blood curdling scream coming from Dallin.

I ran into the dining room to see Dallin gasping for breath so he could scream. He said he had bonked his head. We have wood floors and one of the kids' blankets was lying on the floor next to the kids' craft table. Dallin had slipped on the blanket and hit his head on the corner of the little table. I picked him up from the right side and saw nothing so I just started to console him and calm him down. Jeff heard this all and ran downstairs. He came in and said there is blood! His ear is split wide open!! Dallin's left ear had a 3 cm gash in it and it was bleeding terribly. We immediately scrambled and jumped in the car and rushed to the emergency room. Dallin calmed down and asked if we could just stay home. I held him tight as we raced to the ER and he didn't make another peep.

We got to the ER at about 7:50 and they got us in pretty quickly. The doctor looked at it and said immediately that he would have to have stitches. I was so sad that our little guy was so hurt. Alexa was with us and when she heard that there would be stitches she wanted to go home. My good friend Rebecca was kind enough to come get her and put her to bed.

Meanwhile we stayed at the ER and waited to get the stitches. The doctor asked us if we thought we needed to put Dallin under. He is pretty good with shots and I said I think we can do it without sedating him. Dallin is so tough!!! They gave him about 8 shots in his ear and he did not even cry. The doctor said he had never seen such a tough kid. It took them a while to get all of the stitches in but he was a trooper. We would smile at him to help him feel better and he would grit his teeth and smile at us. We were so proud of him. When it was all said and done he had six stiches in his ear and two in his head. The table had sliced through his ear and then cut his head too. The doctor did say that he thought he would have a full recovery, but he also used the word *mangled to describe his ear. It was really gross!

Dallin got all fixed up and we were out of there by 10:30. He has to wear this head wrap to keep swelling down and to make sure that he doesn't get Cauliflower ear, which is disgusting, it is basically a really deformed ear. We are so sad that this happened, but he was so good and we know that he will be all better soon. I know that parenting means trips to the ER, so I guess this is our beginning. Hopefully we won't be visiting there again soon. I am so thankful Jeff was home! I think I would have been a total wreck if he weren't with me. Jeff finally got some dinner at about 10:45!
*We didn't get any pictures of the actual ear, it was really gross and we ran out the door so fast that we didn't have time to grab the camera.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Most Exciting Night of her Life

Yesterday as we were running errands we got a phone call from a friend who said they had an extra ticket to the kids' inaugural and who was going to be there?!!! Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers!!!! Whoo hoo!! Alexa was so excited to go that when we got home she just got ready to go. She was ready to go an hour before her friend's mom came to pick her up. As we got her ready Jeff said kind of jokingly you should wear your wig. Yes we have two Hannah Montana wigs for various reasons. Anyway, she thought that was a great idea and she also thought it would be great if her friend wore the other one. When she got home last night she said it was awesome and she was so glad that she could go. It is kind of cool that she got to go. We didn't go downtown today though. There are about 3 million people there and it is in the teens outside. Alexa is only 6 years old, but she knew that she was involved in a part of history and was proud to be able to participate in the inauguration in some way. Although I voted a different way I hope that the next four years go well for our country. Enjoy our little Hannah!!Our little wannabeAlexa and her friend's mom. She wore the wig until she could give it to her daughter.

The pin she was so excited to get because it was part of history.

This kid can sleep anywhere

As I posted before Dallin does not have a hard time falling asleep when he is tired. He just plops down wherever he feels is a good place and nods off. In this first one I had tried to forego the nap so we could put him to bed early on Christmas Eve, but he couldn't make it. In the next one he just snuggled up to Jeff on a Sunday afternoon and fell asleep. We have church at 3 now!!!!! I was going to have him sleep during church like usual but again he couldn't make it. I love this little sleeper.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Overheard at the Mall

As we were walking to Gymboree today to redeem some gymbucks we walked past a Victoria's Secret. In the window there was a scantily clad mannequin wearing a bra and panties. Dallin looked at the window and said, "ooh that's a girl store. I like it, it is Beeautiful!!" I wish you could have heard his little voice. The way he said it was so funny, it was like a teenager ogling over a beautiful woman. What am I going to do with this three year old?!!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

I Admit it

It is 10:00 my kids are both asleep and nowhere in sight. Jeff is still working and I just finished watching an episode of Hannah Montana. Mock me all you want. I guess I crave the sitcoms of my youth, such as Family Ties, Growing Pains and the Cosby Show. Reality TV is boring and I love to have a happy ending where everyone makes good choices. My kids love the show and I guess I will come out of the closet and say I do too. Come on execs at the big three, bring back the family sitcom, laugh tracks and all!