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Monday, December 14, 2009

Now that they are sleeping through the night...

I finally feel human enough to blog again. We had a great Thanksgiving with friends. We have so much to be thankful for this year! Four healthy kids, a new house, Jeff has a great job and we have everything we need. It was a great weekend, Jeff was actually home and we had so much family time I didn't want it to end. Jeff loooooves to decorate for Christmas so we trimmed the tree the day after Thanksgiving and he put lights outside. I will get a picture of those later. We put the rest of the decorations up and played with the Little People Nativity.

There are other pictures of the babies, Carter rolled over once, but won't do it again and he tried peas. Lily didn't even want to try food. Carter didn't eat them so we will hold off a little longer. Like I said above they are FINALLY sleeping and we are all so much happier. They sleep 8 hours and then have a feeding and then sleep for three more hours. Their naps are better and they are happier babies so hopefully life will be more manageable now that I will not be in a constant sleepless fog. Enjoy the photos and hopefully there will be more soon.

Some of the photos are out of order because blogger won't let me move them.

Babies First Thanksgiving no thanks

The tree trimming
Alexa loves to decorate the tree!

I hung the stockings and then took a crooked picture:)

yes that is my 4 year old on the top of the ladder. I am such a good mom

The kids' table at Thanksgiving. Dallin is "trying" the turkey and eating his third roll.

My pie, I think it looks pretty good. (banana cream, my favorite)

Cute smiles

the rolling progression

Friday, November 20, 2009

Four Months already?

I can't believe Lily and Carter are four months. Well, I can. It has been a long four months because they are a lot of work, but it also feels like it has gone fast too. They had their check-up the other day and they are doing well. They are starting to be a little more interactive and we have started to sleep train them a little. I hate hearing them cry but they need to learn to soothe themselves or we all might go bonkers! Lily has a little harder time than Carter but all in all they are doing well and sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at night now. This helps me a little but I am still tired in the morning. Getting up at 2 and then at 5 is better but still not great. I told Jeff last night that I just want 2 days of bed rest back. Not too much but just some time all to myself to catch up, oh well. I know it will be over soon and I will wonder where the time went. Will I ever be a morning person again and get a workout in EVER? Soon, I know. They are so fun though, laughing and cooing and smiling. I love these little people and I mean little

Their stats at four months:

Lily :

9 lb. 8 oz.(below the charts)

21 3/4 in.(below the charts)

head 15.5 in(10th percentile)


10 lb. 6 oz. (below the charts)

22 3/4 in. (below the charts)

head 16 in (15th percentile)

As you can see we have little peanuts but they sure do have brains! We love you little guys!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things I don't want to forget

I have been a horrible blogger lately. I should be better now that I have two more people to talk about but it has been hard. Anyway, there are some things I want to write down before I forget them.

Sneaking candy at all times of the day
you are so social, you always want to play with friends or family members
wearing your buzz costume as much as possible
you played soccer this season and loved it
falling asleep at 6 pm many days because you are so exhausted. Always falling asleep in church
going commando all night because mom let you get dressed by yourself after your bath
asking Alexa to teach you how to be good
always making some kind of noise with your mouth
talking in your sleep
giving great hugs

Always writing some kind of story
you also love to be with friends, and everyone is your friend no matter what their age!
never putting your socks in the laundry.
growing out of all of your clothes, stop growing will ya?!
loving second grade
scored 2 goals this soccer season
you always look beauiful, you have great hair and beautiful eyes
you call me out. For example yesterday at Target I couldn't remember what I needed and you asked, "why don't you ever have a list mom?" busted!
you always try to be your best
you are starting to get an opinion and that is probably a good thing
lots of hugs and kisses especially when it is time to go to bed!

lots of smiles
lots of cooing and talking
lots of crying
not much sleeping:)

Lots of smiles
you are tiny!
not much talking yet
not much sleeping:)

not the most exciting post but it lets you know the good the bad and the ugly.

p.s. blogger will not let me move my pictures! Does anyone know why?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009 and some cute babies

We had a great Halloween! It all started with a parade at Dallin's preschool. He was buzz Lightyear and he loved every minute of it. This was on Thursday and he has worn it everyday since. He was so excited and kept saying, "To Infiniti and Beyond!" He also got to wear his costume to soccer on Saturday. I have pictures of that but I am trying to get these up while the twins are asleep and they are on another camera so that will have to come later. Alexa's school is LAME, well it is the county. They don't let them dress up or have a party, lame, lame! She had to wait until Saturday, but she had a ton of fun at the ward trunk or treat and then trick or treating. She woke up Saturday with a cold and almost missed the fun but she perked up that evening and had a great time. I was so glad that she did because she had been saying in her prayers all week for a great holiday with the family. That little girl is the cutest thing ever! The twins were also very festive as Santa and Mrs. Claus. The cutest baby clauses ever!!! I still can't belive Halloween is over! Being on bedrest all summer really has me all messed up. I still think it should be summer time because I missed it all. I can't believe I bought egg nog today and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It will be Christmas before we know it! Enjoy all the pictures.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

All Smiles

I have been trying to capture smiles on camera for a few days now. As you can see from the top picture this is not an easy task. Although they are adorable, they are the crankiest babies I have ever had. I thought they were just hungry so we have been supplementing. I pump after as many feedings as I can. This seems to help a little but they are still just cranky. I think this may start to ebb out now that they are more aware of their surroundings, but if you live in the area and want to come hold a baby give me a call. (they love to be held, but I can't hold them all the time or even at the same time, I need a double sling) Anyway, I attempted to get smiles this morning but I finally got some this afternoon. Thanks Mom for begging me to get these up. I haven't even gotten a shower yet today but I have updated the blog:)
first attempt



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

Dallin, You are so stinkin' cute!!! I have had some times where I have lost my patience because let's face it, you're 4, but most of the time you are the cutest thing ever. I love your personality and your curiosity. I know that I have been an out of it, exhausted mommy. Thanks for still loving me and for continuing to be you, cute as ever. I love you buddy. Never forget how to love life the way you do.

Dancing and having fun as usual

Dallin has been preoccupied with what boys can do. Girls get their hair dyed and their nails done and they can wear makeup. He is constantly wanting to know what boys get to do so we had a morning of learning what boys can do. He had fun shaving and doing fun things with his GREAT hair! Love you bud.

shaving just like Dad, don't worry the cover was still on.

Fun hair! He kept saying, "Mom, I look like Dane!" He didn't want to keep it like this though.
Apparently he thinks Dane looks cool but he likes his hair flat he said. He does have great hair though.

Cutest thing ever, look at those baby blues!
Who says boys can't have fun too?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Months

The twins had their two month check up this week and they are doing great!!! Lily also had her pulmonologist appointment this past month and she is now wireless! No more apnea monitor. She is now easier to carry around. At her pulmonologist appointment they said she wasn't growing quickly enough but a week later we saw the pediatrician and she had gained 7 ounces so she is growing!!! Carter weighed in at 7 pounds 4 ounces and Lily was 6 pounds 15 ounces. Still pretty little and no where near the charts but they are getting bigger, now if they could just sleep a little longer a night ;) Mom and Miss Lily

Cute outfits

I love these people

Dallin loves Lily

Dallin had to lie down with them too.

Carters been watching football with Dad!

Thanks for the adorable dress Shauna, she looks great in it!