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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Congrats Alexa!

Alexa had her last soccer game yesterday and these were their trophies. I was having fun with my camera and thought I would share some cute pics of these bobblehead beauties. She had a great time and is already asking when the next season begins. Spring season will be here before we know it.

Friday, November 07, 2008

This one's for you Dad

Remember when I used to look this determined when I was playing? It is so fun to watch Alexa play. She is really getting the hang of being more aggressive and going after the ball. She has scored a goal in all but one of her games so far and it seems like she gets better all the time. She loves to play. Who knows? I thought she would be more of a girly girl, but she is proving to be quite the soccer player. Our last game of the season is tomorrow and I know she will miss it. I have enjoyed being her coach again this season and it has been fun to watch her learn so much. I just love watching her play.
*click on the pictures to see the full effect of the tongue. She sticks her tongue out whenever she is focused. I know she is working hard if it is wagging.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Our new home

I have had quite a few family members and friends say they want to see our new house so here it is. We got some new furniture and we love the set up of everything. We have three levels and it is so nice to have a place for everything. The kids love the basement with all of their toys in the right spots and I love that there are no toys on the main level and only a few in their rooms. Their rooms are our place to read and cuddle. Here are some pictures of our new bookcase, dining table, coffee table, and sofas. It's great to be settled. Enjoy the pics of our new home.

Halloween 2008

We had a great Halloween!!! We attended a great trunk or treat complete with chili and cornbread, I made some yummy cornbread if I do say so myself. After some great games and treats we headed out to trick or treat from trunks. The kids had a blast and they were so glad that Dad could even be with us. As you can see Dallin was a little confused as to what he was exactly, but he was Curious George and Alexa was a HSM cheerleader. Later that week we had a parade at the preschool with Dallin's class the Bunnies and Alexa had a pumpkin day in her class. We don't celebrate Halloween in our county:( On Halloween we had another chili and cornbread feast and then it was out to get even more candy. Dallin was squawking like a monkey as we walked and Alexa was seen doing a cheer or two at homes for treats. We had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year. Especially Dallin he keeps asking to put on his monkey suit again. Pirate George
We love our Daddy

Hey, when do I get to fish?

The nonchalant George

George and his best friend Buzz aka Brandon

Out of focus but a cute one of our little monkey

She was so excited, she can't wait until the day she actually gets to be a "real live cheerleader." (Her words)

The gang after all the candy getting

The Halloween fam. I really do have hair it was just up in a tight bun, bad hair day.

I didn't catch this quite in time but he was just chillin in Dad's had eating a lollipop. Jeff put the hat on forward and Dallin said no I need it "the cool way" too cute.