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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh what do you do in the Summertime

When all the world is green?
Do you go to the water park with your cousins?

do you blow huge bubbles with your sister and your mother?

Do you read tons of books on the couch?

Do you play a great Bingo game with your Mom?

do you poop in the potty 4 days in a row?!!!!!!!!!!

Is that what you do? So do I
(well, the poop in the potty thing is all Dallin)
Not pictured: Alexa learning to ride her bike without training wheels!!! You go girl!
Swimming in our pool everyday
Going to see $1 movies with cousins and friends
Going to the gym
playing with friends
staying up late
going on walks
eating treats
What do you do in the summertime?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A small victory

After Friday I was thinking that this potty training thing was just about over. He had number one down, but number two was a different story. We went to the gym that morning so I could go to a spin class. The number two was a problem so I put him in a pull up just in case. I went to get ready for my spin class and just as it was starting they came and told me he needed to be changed. I had brought two changes of underwear so I went up and changed him. Halfway through the class they said he had gone again. I trudged back up the stairs, (the spin room is in the basement) and changed him again, washed out underwear and all that sort of stuff. Just as the spin class was ending they came and got me AGAIN!! I went upstairs to find it running down his leg and all over his shorts. Luckily I am a brilliant mom and had brought an extra pair of shorts, but we were all out of underwear so we high-tailed it out of the gym and went to Target to get more underwear, pull ups and plastic pants. I was tempted to buy diapers, but my ego didn't want to give up. Saturday he pooped once in his pants, Sunday he did it again, but yesterday he had a break through. My sister Deb was baby sitting while I was at the dentist again and she caught him being awfully still and quiet. She took him to the bathroom and he went!!! oh happy day!!! But today there was no prompting no quietly sitting, he just told me he needed to go and he went!! He got an M&M and one of his "Cars" cars back. We took them all away as incentives. He now has two. I am hoping that my dresser is free of "Cars" soon and that he finally figured out that it is no fun to sit in your own filth.

In other news. I went to the dentist to have my root canal crown filled in and for a cleaning. They filled the crown that had been previously drilled through to give me a root canal and it was off to see the hygienist. She was really thorough and rough and while she was cleaning she pulled out TWO fillings!!! So I was there for an extra hour and numb for the rest of the day, but the good news is that I don't have any new cavities and no root canals are needed. I have sparkling clean teeth and two new fillings that I didn't have to pay for. That is a small victory too I guess.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun Times as a Family

The weekend started out with our dates and Alexa and Jeff LOVED the fireworks at the baseball game. I was jealous but they had a great time and Alexa even got on the big screen. As they were leaving she asked if she could take her pom-poms from her cheerleading dress up outfit(she wanted to wear the whole fit, but it was too riske to wear out of the house.) Jeff said that she was jumping up and down the whole game and finally in the ninth inning she got on the screen. This little lady loves to be the center of attention.

Friday morning we got up early and went to a pancake breakfast for church and it was great food and friends. We were up getting ready and Dallin was still sleeping, which is kind of strange for him, so we woke him up and dragged him out of the house in his cute 4th of July attire. The whole time at the pancake breakfast he just lied down on my lap. The motherly instinct in me kicked in and I knew something was wrong, but I was trying to ignore it because I wanted to have a fun day. So, after we were full of pancakes and orange juice we got in the car to go to a parade at this great park that has a ton of water fountains that the kids can run through. Just as we were pulling up to the parade route Dallin THREW UP!!! I am talking about TONS of throw up!!! We turned around with a very sad 6 year old and a green looking three year old, bummer.

We came home and I cleaned Dallin off, he is such a good sick kid. He just kept saying to me that he was messy and that he threw up on his shoes. I bathed him and turned on Cars and Jeff scrubbed the car. I went to the store and bought Gatorade and popsicles and geared up for a sick day at the house. After a little while Jeff took Alexa on some errands and I cleaned the whole house. Dallin watched another movie and didn't throw up and I cleaned even more. Then he took a nap and I took a nap. It turned out to be a great day after all. When Jeff and Alexa got home we went outside and blew bubbles and then we went to a park for games and fireworks. The kids had fun and had snow cones, but the fireworks were pretty sad and we got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half!!!!! We almost ran out of gas, but luckily we didn't and the kids fell asleep in the car.

Saturday Jeff went golfing and we went to the gym and then we headed over to our pool to swim. My friend Camille is also my sister's sister -in -law and her and her family were in town and they all came to swim. We had a great time!! After naps we went to another neighborhood celebration and then went out for pizza. We had such a great weekend as a family even with a little throw up setback(he never threw up again and has been fine ever since.) I love celebrating our great country and just enjoying each others company. I love my little family, they are my world and I love it!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Behold the power of the tic tac

Tonight Jeff took Alexa to a baseball game complete with fireworks. We were lucky enough to recieve some free tickets, but we only got two so we decided to take the kids on their own dates. So, Dallin and I decided to go shopping. He really needs some new shirts so we set off to the outlet mall and had ourselves a very good time. While we were on errands this morning Dallin grabbed some tic tacs and asked if he could have them, so I bought them and he forgot about them. As we were leaving to go shopping he asked if he could have them. I put them in my purse and we were off. I know we were on a date, but he is three so he still had to be in a stroller. He asked for his treat so I gave them to him thinking they would be gone in two seconds flat, but he had a hard time getting them out so they kept him occupied for an hour and a half while we shopped. He never whined and he actually said he had fun shopping. We came home and had pizza for dinner and watched his favortie movie, "Cars". He gave me tons of kisses and kept saying "Lub you Mom."

We had such a relaxing time and it was so much fun to spend some time alone with my little man. He can be kind of a crazy kid at times, but spending some time with him tonight I realize he is usually just trying to get some attention. As we were watching the movie he was sitting on my lap and playing with all of his Cars as they appeared on the movie and I realized that this is what it is all about. Having time alone to really get to know my kids is something that I will treasure always. I love you bud, thanks for being my date.