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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Potty Training

So, Dallin has been using the potty for a few weeks now so I thought it was time to officially train him. I took away the diapers bought underwear and consulted my sister-in-law about potty training in a day. I guess instead of just consulting my sister-in-law I should have bought the book! It was a long morning. We started at 11 so Jeff could take Alexa out on a daddydaughter date. By 3 I finally put him down for a nap after another accident. He did okay, but he is definitely not trained. He pooped twice in his underwear and had four tinkle accidents. He is excited when he goes, but not upset enough when he has an accident. I am determined to not go back to diapers though so we will just have a rough week I guess. He will get it, but I am exhausted! I did put him in a pull up for a nap, which I call naptime underwear. I don't want him to think he has any diapers anymore. I feel like a failure, but I guess we will just have to keep trying.

His biggest problem is not telling me when he needs to go. He just looks down at his accident. Send good vibes our way and cross your fingers that he gets it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family time and the end of the soccer season

Katie and Braden came out a few weeks ago to bless their baby Preston Daniel here with both families. That weekend was also Alexa's last soccer game, so it was my last game to coach too. I love the game, but it was a lot harder to teach 6 year olds how to play than I thought it was. I am pretty glad that the season is over, but I will say that it was fun to see the girls improve. Notice that it was May 3 and we are wearing ski hats and I was wearing my ski gloves, just not in these pictures. With the wind chill it was probably in the 20's and it flurried later that day. We had so much fun hanging out with family and having fun, and now it is in the 80's no more ski gloves and hats hallelujah!
I got to give Alexa her trophy and congratulate her on a great season, she really did improve

What she really wanted was the cupcakes though, yum!
Dallin quite enjoyed the cupcakes too

The Golden Explorers, our team name, weird, but cute. We had a birthday party for my niece Ella. Neither she nor Dallin are looking at the camera, but they both looked so cute!

The cutest little 2 year old ever, she loves to be cheesy.
Ella loves Jeff and just climbed in his lap all weekend.
The baby of honor, what a cutie pie

I had to add this picture. Dallin has been such a good napper lately. He wears himself out playing and sometimes I even have to wake him up, he was just out cold and I had to wake him up to go somewhere :( My cute sweetheart

Another New Nephew!

My brother and his wife had their little boy on Friday morning and he was a big one!!! Nathan Michael was 9 pounds 4 ounces and was 22 inches long. Wow!!! Carrie delivered him naturally too!!!!! Sorry for all of the exclamation points but Carrie is amazing. I am so excited to have another cute little nephew congrats Benjy and Carrie

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Special Thank You

Jeff, I want to thank you for all you do for me on a daily basis, coming home every night to be such a great dad and husband. So many nights you also come home so I can leave to go to enrichment or young women's or baby showers, blah blah blah! Last night was no exception to your wonderfulness. I had a fever and chills and the kids were running around crazy. I had done all the laundry including washing sheets, but was too sick to fold anything or make beds. You got dinner for the kids and started in on the laundry, you folded it all and put it all away and made all the beds. You read stories to the kids, got them to bed and got me to bed, and this morning you were super quiet as not to wake me up. You got up early to go to court and all this without any complaints. What did I do to deserve such a great guy? Thank you for being you and for always putting me and the kids first in your busy life. I love you!!!!

p.s. I am feeling sooooo much better this morning, fever is gone.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Cutest Boy Ever

I was putting my contacts in while still in my sweats and a pony tail in my hair when Dallin walks in and proudly says, "You look so nice Mom!" I love that little guy.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Day of Showers

Okay, it is May 1st and this is what it looked like outside. This was late in the day when a lot had already melted. We got about 6 inches, 6 inches!!!!!!!!!!! Happy May Day! We didn't let that dampen our spirits though. I had a chance to help throw Shauna a baby shower and it was so fun. Even though we started the day with snow we were able to end it with chocolate fondue, yummy! Thanks for having a baby Shauna so we could shower you with gifts.May 1st, I kid you not! Me and the cutest pregnant woman ever!!!
Straweberry topiary that I copied from Hillary, thanks for the idea. (okay, I stole it)
I also did a marshmallow topiary, I think they turned out pretty cute.

The whole spread, it's only a good shower if you have good food, it was a good shower.
Okay weather man, no more snow!