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Friday, February 29, 2008

Blogger Block

It has been a week since my last post and I have so many pictures to post of Alexa's birthday but my computer won't upload them and I am just having a block when it comes to anything else. Our lives have been pretty normal and I just haven't had much to write about, it may be the bad hair day that I have been having for a month, (i have an appointment on Tuesday) or the mounds of laundry that have been piling up in my laundry room, but life is just life.

we have been going to the park everyday this week, that's something new. The highs have been in the fifties and tomorrow 70! There will be snow on Sunday but who cares, we have been out of the house! Dallin has been sporting his sunglasses at every moment of the day and soaking up the rays.

I want to be the blogger who always has something witty to say, but we are just hanging out here playing with our Littlest Pet Shop and watching Little People over and over again ad nauseum, this is my life.

Friday, February 22, 2008

She's Six!!!!

I can't belive that six years ago today Alexa joined our family. It feels like it has gone so fast, but at the same time I can't remember life without our sweet girl. I use this as kind of a journal so I just want to write a little note to Alexa to let her know how important she is to me.

Dear Alexa,
You are the sunshine in our family. You wake up every morning with a smile on your face and you are ready to have a great day! Your creativity is awe inspiring and amazing. I love when I walk into the room and you are making a crown for your head or a leash for your dog. For two hours everyday you have to entertain yourself because of Dallin's nap and you do it without any whining and you always find something fun to do. You don't let boredom get you down, you are such an example to me.

Alexa, you are so smart! I cannot believe how your little mind works. You figure things out and your mind is a sponge. You remember things that happened when you were 2. You read like a 2nd grader and you thirst for knowledge. I love it when you ask me if we can go buy a new workbook so you can learn something new. Don't ever lose this love of learning because it will carry you wherever you want to go in life.

You are such a great friend. You include everyone, and make them feel loved. When we go somewhere you seek out anyone who will be your friend and you always want to make sure everyone knows they are loved. You amaze me with your friendliness and your love for others including those in your family. Even your little brother who can really get under your skin. Yesterday when he stole your new pen it was hard for you, but you didn't complain. You love to hang out with me and dad and we love to hang out with you.

I love you Alexa, you are an example to me of love and happiness. I love to watch you grow and learn and I look forward to many more exciting birthdays.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catch up photos

I realized that I had not uploaded pictures in such a long time that I just needed to devote a whole post to some of the things we have been up to that I have captured digitally. We have been having some fun around here. Sorry some of the photos are off center, I couldn't fix them. Oh well!

I was part of a Valentine's swap that my friend Sara set up on her blog. It was so fun to send someone that I didn't know a package and receive some goodies in the mail myself. Thank you Marilee for some of your "favorite things"

She made me my very own personalized stationery!!!

I finally took a picture of our new bedding that we got from Jeff's mom for Christmas! We love it Karen THANK YOU!

Alexa taught FHE last week and we learned that we are here on earth because we chose to follow Jesus Christ. It was so cute to see her teaching us the gospel.
We went to go see BYU play Air Force. Jeff's cousin is on the team and it was so fun to cheer on the Cougars!! They won!!

This kid had a blast cheering for BYU
I decided to learn how to make great cinnamon rolls. I made a few batches and then made four more for a fireside at church. They are awesome and now I can say that I make some pretty awesome cinnamon rolls.
I forgot to take a picture of my kids on Christmas so I staged it for posterity
My sweet crazy boy

Every time the cousins come over we have to dress up and be glamorous. Madison gives makeovers and we dance like we are at the ball.
Getting ready to bust a move notice McClain dressed up like a princess. He had so much fun!We have so much fun with our cousins.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Look

I have a new look on my blog!!! Thanks to my friend Katie, my blog finally looks like I want it to except for the header, it is a little blurry and that is my fault. I created the header in Photo Shop and didn't save it correctly. Katie is going to help me fix that and then it will look like we want it to. Katie did all the HTML for me this time because I was too chicken to try, but maybe next time I change it I will do it myself. Enjoy the new look and thank you so much Katie for doing all the work for me.

Friday, February 08, 2008


So, I have been meaning to write this post all week and I have been so busy that I am just getting to it. Anyway, on Tuesday as you all know it was Super Tuesday and in Colorado instead of a Primary they hold caucuses. It was strange. I got a card in the mail where I was supposed to go "caucus", and it was in a home. On Tuesday night 39 people, (yes that is all that showed up out of over 400) gathered in a home and we cast our vote. We started out standing and put our hands to our hearts and said The Pledge of Allegiance. This was cool. I got the chills when everyone there said "under God". I knew these people believed that this country was founded with our eternal creator at the helm. After the pledge we wrote our votes on a small ballot and then they were all counted and they told us the results. Mitt got 36 votes. John McCain 2 and Ron Paul 1.

After that they held the audience captive and we had to talk about county elections and about people that we had never heard of. It was kind of painful to sit there and listen to all their bios. I am the type of person who would much rather read a pamphlet than be told about them quickly and then not be able to remember who they were talking about. Overall, it was fun to vote and my candidate won. (So sad that he dropped out, but we always have 2012.) I would say it is not a successful way to vote. 39 out of 400 that is a bad turnout, but it was an experience.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Things that keep me up at night

I haven't written this week because I was just feeling like I didn't have anything interesting to say. I have been thinking of what I want to write for the posterity of my family and the only thing I can come up with during this cold, and snowy and boring week is that I am a worry wart. I just told my sister to stop worrying and think about something else. You would think that I would take this advice myself, but I just can't help myself. I worry about things and it just makes Jeff laugh sometimes with my absurdities. Here is a glimpse into my worried mind. In no particular order

-Am I a good mother?
-Will Dallin grow up to be malnourished and so picky that it will drive his wife crazy?
-Will my kids get into college?
-Will my kids resent me when they are older?
-Is my body falling apart because I was at such a low weight for so long?
-Will Alexa want to be a mother someday because of my example?
-Will Dallin give naps up soon?(he didn't nap but 20 minutes today)
-Will I ever have the self-confidence I desire?
-Will we get the house we want when we actually get to buy one?
-Will Dallin ever be potty trained?
-Will Dallin ever speak in sentences? (Alexa took a while and she is now a great speaker and reader, I guess I shouldn't worry but I do.)
-Am I living the way my Heavenly Father wants me to?
-Will someone in my family get cancer?
-Will I ever learn to be a photographer like I want to be?
-Will I get pregnant again when I want to?
-Are my children happy?
-will my children go after their dreams and not give up?
-Is my husband happy?
-Why can't I remember my sixteenth birthday?
-Am I ever going to be able to decorate my house like I want it to be not because of money but because of learning how to get it the way I want it?
-Will I ever get my kids'room to stay organized? I am a bit OCD and it drives me nuts that they CANNOT keep it in order and that I must clean while they are still playing. I guess this question should be will I ever get over this cleaning OCD?
-Will Alexa ever stop asking for a dog?
-Will I have to give in someday?
-Will I ever just be able to let go and stop worrying?

Some of them are silly and some of them more serious, but they are mine nonetheless. Most of these deal with being a mother and a wife and I worry so much about how I am shaping this family. I want my children to be happy, successful and love life and I want them to remember their sixteenth birthday. I guess most moms feel worry and guilt for those children who have been entrusted in their care and we wives worry about keeping the flame alive.

I used to be the one in my family who was easy-going and just let things go, but now I find that things affect me more. If you are one who is easy-going and not a worry wart like me please send some advice but for now I will just work on being happier and that will hopefully let me know that I am worrying for nothing.