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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve has always been my favorite part of Christmas. We had some friends over for a wonderful dinner complete with ham, rolls, twice baked potatoes, roasted asparagus and tons of yummy desserts. We had fun conversation and a wonderful time just being together. After dinner we had a nativity scene complete with baby Jesus. It was so cute how excited the kids were to act everything out. We had a great time celebrating and it was so much fun!!! The spreadMary before the nativityMary, Joseph and a ShepherdBaby Jesus being all wrapped up in swaddling clothes.Joseph,here is your new son!!Baby Jesus getting lots of kisses was not too enthusedSorry Brynn, but you were such a great donkey!!

I love my Dad
Not that much though

Such a cute face!!!

Having so much fun!!!

After everyone left we opened one gift and surprise it was new pjs!!! Can't wait for Santa to come!!

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year. We must have all been really good because Santa left us lots of goodies. Again, it was so much fun to watch the kids faces light up as they saw their gifts and it was fun to watch them as they opened gifts from each other. I love Christmas so much with children. I just love how much magic is in our home the whole season. I hope you all had a great day too.Santa came!!!!Overwhelmed at how much she sees The blanket handmade by grandma!! Thanks I love it
The pajama pants made by grandma too. She is so thoughtful to make us homemade gifts.

The Cuttlebug from Grammy! Thanks for satisfying my need to craft.

Dad only hinted at this once and mom caught on!

This one is blurry but I love how excited Dallin is and seeing how interested Alexa was in what he had opened

Dallin getting a guitar lesson from Dad
I love my new bike!
It was a great Christmas!

National Christmas Tree

Jeff has been working a ton. He usually does, but this week has been especially bad. He worked all weekend including Sunday until 1:30 am so after he worked again yesterday, we finally got to do a little family outing. We decided to go to see the National Christmas tree. It was beautiful. We started by going to the Capitol to see the Christmas tree but it was no longer lit, but that's okay we still had a ton of fun walking around and the kids got to play near the water there. The National tree was beautiful and there were a ton of little train villages around the base that the kids loved. There were also little trees decorated for every state. It was a fabulous family home evening activity and we plan on doing this every year as a new tradition.The beautiful tree The nativity, not the best one, but refreshing to see.

The Washington Monument from Capitol Hill

She was so excited to be out and to have her own purse. My friend Nancy made cupcake bags and I got one for Alexa for Christmas. She was so excited that we were going out and she had her own purse full of stuff. She is growing up so fast.

One of the train villages

My men watching the trains

The White House all lit up
Having a blast

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just a few Cute photos of the season

We have been having a fun month so I thought I would post a recap of what we have been doing. If I don't do it now it will never get done because Christmas is tomorrow!!!! My kids are so excited and so am I. I can't wait to see their faces light up when they see what Santa has brought this year. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! We started of the month with Alexa receiving a ribbon at school for being respectful, responsible and kind. I am so proud of her and the great person she is becoming.
Just a cute one of my little guy

Dallin hugging his buddies after his preschool program. He loves his friends!
A cute one of all the boysI have shopped this kid out this month. We were getting stuff done and it was near nap time. Dallin was losing it, but I had to get some things. As we were leaving Safeway he just slumped over and fell asleep. A few days before he had not gotten a nap and fell asleep on our hardwood floor at 6 and slept until 7 the next morning. I love that kid. He needs his rest.The kids dressed up for church on Sunday. I just think they look adorable.
Mom's attempt at creativity

Cute face at the ward Christmas party

The primary sang Silent Night and Away in a Manger at the ward party

He loved Santa! This is the first time he wasn't scared

He's telling him he wants a Curious George. This was a new development so said toy had to be purchased today.

She loves this big guy!We made gingerbread houses and Alexa wrote us an invitation on her white board. She is too much fun.The finished product. This is a tradition of ours now that we have done it three years in a row.

Alexa had a traditions project at school and she talked about our gingerbread house making tradition. She did a great job.Here she is looking at her prompts for her oral presentation. She wrote it herself.

Growing up we always went out to breakfast on Christmas Eve. We have kept the tradition alive wherever we are. This morning we went to the Silver Diner. It was great. You can tell it was early.

The other cuties who joined us for breakfast.

Dallin had a school program where he sang, but the video of that wasn't great so I shot my own. The grandparents will probably be the only ones who want to see this, but it is very cute. Notice how he says Jingle Bell instead of bells and he wishes you a happy new ear.
Thanks for reading my marathon post.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth

The Fang
The End Result
Alexa lost one of her top teeth about a month ago and the other one was only a little loose. Over the past month it has been getting looser and the last few weeks it has been sticking straight out of her mouth,pretty much grossing everyone out. This afternoon she showed me that she could turn it around in her mouth and I told her that she had to pull it out tonight. We were just hanging out tonight and she finally did it. She is so excited that now she can sing the song I have been telling her all about. Why is it that she always loses a tooth on the night that I don't have any cash and I am babysitting and Jeff is still at work? I hope I can scrounge a few dollars up before the morning. The tooth fairy really does have a tough job.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

More photos

Okay, I am sure you are sick of my photos, but I edited these again after talking to my teacher and they are much better. The black and white one was edited by my teacher, but I know how to do it now!!! Thanks for letting me showcase some of my newfound skills. I now love my camera instead of fearing it.