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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

This Halloween proved to be the Halloween where my kids got more candy in their buckets than their body weight. We went to our ward trunk or treat, a school carnival, a second trunk or treat, a party at the museum and then we went trick or treating tonight with our cousins. Alexa and Dallin had a complete blast. This was the first time that Dallin understood what was going on and Alexa was running wanting to get more. She doesn't even like candy that much she just wanted to see how much she could get. I had so much fun watching them and seeing how much fun Halloween is when you are a child. I might have to throw some candy out the window to keep Dallin's teeth from completely rotting out of his head, but hey we had a great time. Happy Halloween!!

Nora, Alexa, Dallin, Sam and Ben
One cutie of a firefighter
My little tap dancer loves the camera
Look how much candy I have!

Follow me, this is great!!

Hey wait up Lex!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Fall Classic

We were so excited when the Rockies won the National League Championships because that meant that they were going to be in the World Series and we could go!! We got online with about a 8 million other people and tried to buy tickets, but to no avail. Jeff was bummed beyond belief. His birthday was on the 12th and all he wanted was to go to the Fall Classic. We were sad but not sad enough to buy tickets on ebay for $1,000. We went on with life and just thought we would watch on TV. Imagine our excitement when on Friday our brother-in-law called and said that he had 2 tickets that we could buy and they were being sold at face value! Jeff was elated. His dream of going to the World Series was about to come true. Thank you so much Michael for helping me fulfill my best friend's dream!!!!!!Waiting at will call for our tickets!!!
About to enter the stadium! We had great seats,and were able to see the lineup and cheer on the home team.
They unfurled this huge flag for the National Anthem and let the balloons go, it was so cool!!
The happy couple, excuse my red nose, it was freezing!!

Play Ball!
We had such a great time. The Rockies didn't win, but we had a great time cheering them on. I can't believe we actually got to go! It really was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too Busy

As we drove to get the kids haircut yesterday(I hate Dallin's) Alexa said mom, " We are too busy to have any fun." I was a little caught off guard since she was so excited to be going to get her hair cut. I said, "We do lots of fun things like playing soccer and playing with our cousins." she said, "I know mom, but we babysit all the time and go on errands a lot." I guess she is right. Last week was fall break and I babysat two of the days, got a root canal one day and we never went out to eat like I promised her we would. How did I get to be such a boring, busy mom?
To make it up to her I told her that after I picked her up from school I would take her out to lunch and we would go shopping. She thought that would be fun. I have also been too "busy" to carve our pumpkin with her which she pointed out last night as well. We are going to be doing that tonight too.
I thought by helping her learn to read and helping her with crafts was what she wanted, but I guess she wants more. Kind of a wake-up call to me that I am a mom first and that "my list" of things to do needs to come after getting down and playing with my kiddos!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Well, as most of you know I am at a much healthier weight now, but the thing that is really suffering is my wardrobe!!! Jeff has been trying to help me, but I am an ADDICT to jeans and hoodies. We have gone out trying to find things, but I just can't find anything different. I think I like different things, but come on I am a SAHM. I run around after kids and change poopie diapers. Jeans and T-shirts, (oh addicted to those too) seem to be the best choice when you are the last one on the list to get dressed in the morning.

The other problem is that some days I just don't see the need to get dressed. After I go to the gym( I do shower, but why get dressed in real clothes?)and pick up Alexa from school, Dallin goes down for a nap and our little day and any hope of seeing anyone is usually over. I know I am not going to see anyone and by the time Jeff gets home it is time to get into pajamas or sweats. I honestly wear the same sweats every night too!!! (Don't worry I wash them during the day)

Honestly, I have always thought I was a pretty cute dresser, but lately I am just in a jeans, t-shirts and hoodies slump. Help me!!! I already made Jeff nominate me for What Not to Wear but Stacy and Clinton have not shown up at my house yet, where are they with their $5,000!??

If you have any suggestions let me know, maybe it is just a SAHM fate. Are there any pants out there that you love that are not denim and that aren't so fancy that you feel that you can wear them at home? Tell me where to go for cute tops too!! Please help me, I have been out of the loop for too long.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Never Doubted You

Today we found out thatJeff passed the Virginia Bar. I knew he would, but it is so good to know the official results. He took the exam at the end of July and we have been waiting a long time to hear. I am so proud of you Jeff. Like I said, I never doubted you and I am so excited that you are now official. You are a full fledged lawyer!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Glimpse into the Future

Alexa, Dallin and I go to the bus stop every morning at about 8:45. Dallin can't wait to go see the big bus that takes Alexa to school. We live in an apartment complex and all of the children in the complex meet at the stop everyday too. Dallin loves to wave goodbye to Alexa and tell her to have a good day and he is always saying, "Love you Lexa!" Well, things have changed. Dallin has started to notice that there is a girl there named Carla. He loves to say the name Carla and now when the kids get on the bus he is saying "Bye, Carla! Have nice Day!!" (Not a typo that is how he says it.) This happened a few times last week and I thought he just liked to say Carla, but today I learned the truth.

We were out riding bikes and we ran into Carla and her sister and their mom. Alexa loves to play with them so we went to their house and the kids were playing chase. Dallin was running after Carla screaming and every time he would catch her he would just giggle and tickle her and she was off again. It was like he was flirting with her. He continued to run after her and giggle. You couldn't wipe the huge grin off of his face if you wanted to. He was in heaven running after his Carla and being able to touch her every once in a while. Remember when you were in junior high and you had a crush and if you touched that person it was the greatest moment of your life? That was Dallin today. Such a cute thing to see, but it scared me for what our future holds.

While Dallin was running after the love of his life I was watching in the wings trying to feel my mouth again.( I had my first root canal today.) Not that bad, but so expensive, I hope I don't have to have more, but I probably will. It was the day of the tooth I guess because Alexa lost her second tooth today too. She can't wait to see what the fairy brings this time.

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's My Best Friend's Birthday!!

29 years ago today my best friend was born!!! Happy Birthday babe. I have known you since we were 18 and every year it just gets better. Can you believe it has been that long since we met? You were such a cutie, I couldn't help but get to know you better. I guess it is kind of sad that I couldn't find a picture of you by yourself, but I guess this one with the cutie pies will have to do. I hope you are having a fabulous birthday. It will be a great weekend I promise. Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marketing Works

Yesterday as we were driving in our Honda Pilot Alexa says to me that she wants a Toyota. I ask her why, because I am personally a Honda fan myself. We have two, a Civic and a Pilot and they have been great cars. She says "Toyota's make you smarter mom, duh!" I was laughing so hard. I said where did you hear that one? She said, "they said it on TV." Well, then it must be true right. I saw the commercial this morning and it did say that Toyota was the smart choice. I guess when you are 5 you believe anything when it is on TV.

Monday, October 08, 2007

6 Is Enough

Remember that show called 8 is Enough? Well, we were almost there this past weekend. We had 6 and that was definitely enough. My sister Debbie and her husband Michael went to Arizona and we stayed with their 4 kids. Madison, McClain, Drew and Ella Kate. Madison and McClain are missing from this picture, but I forgot to bring my camera out when they were around, because it was kind of busy. We had all six kids from Thursday to Saturday and it was busy but so much fun. I loved getting to know my nieces and nephews even better. Drew my 3 year old nephew had me in stitches the whole time. Ella Kate was such a sweet little baby, McClain made me craft after craft and showed me his painted rocks and Madison was so fun to talk to and she was such a great helper. Thanks for making it easier on me Debbie for getting rides for everyone and having a schedule all set. I think it was doable because she did so much legwork before. If I had these six kids of my own it would be craaaaaazzzy around here. Alexa and Dallin had so much fun with their cousins. Alexa cried the whole way home because she didn't want to leave, luckily we live here and we see them almost everyday. I love you Madison, McClain, Drew and Ella Kate. Thanks for a great weekend!

Family Photo Shoot

A few shadows, but a cute one.
Madison is loving finally having a girl cousin here that is "close" to her age
what a cute family!
I love this picture. It shows off her fun personality.

I have the cutest nieces and nephews ever!
My model
Sorry this one got added twice, enjoy
My sweet guy

Debbie's adorable family
Lisa's adorable family

My sisters and I decided to have a photo shoot together so that we could all have a new family picture for Christmas cards and just to have new ones. We all matched without realizing it. We all had a variation of brown in our families, but we were wearing mostly green. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these and I saved the one that will be in our card so you can be surprised!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This is What Happens When.....

You don't do any laundry all weekend!!!!!!!!!

The pile to be done, there is also one load in the washer and one in the dryer.

The pile to be folded

You Let a 5 year old tell you that she doesn't need chapstick(remind you of anyone in our family?)

You give a 2 year old his own ice cream cone. The only way we could enjoy a dinner out with some friends. Notice he is in the stroller because he wouldn't sit at the table. Needless to say we don't take Dallin to restaurants that often.

When Mom gets you dressed in a hurry. Is that Dallin or a merman?

*sorry not the most organized post. Blogger wouldn't let me put the titles in the places I wanted them. Hopefully you read the right caption with the right picture. AGGGGHHH Blogger!!!