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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I have watched all of this tagging going on all over the blogging world and patiently waited my turn and now Andrea tagged me so here goes.

4 Jobs I've had

Hogi Yogi sandwich and yogurt creator
Golden Swirl- ( I guess I liked frozen yogurt)
BYU Mail Services(I almost went postal)
Mommy (the best one by far)

4 Movies I could watch over and over again

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
What about Bob?
The Father of the Bride
Bed of Roses

4 Places I have lived

Clayton, California
Provo, Utah
Seattle, Washington
Washington DC

4 Places I like to visit

Park City, Utah
I have not traveled enough(hint hint Jeff) I need a real vacation

4 Favorite Desserts

Chocolate pudding
Costco cake
brownies(extra gooey)
frozen yogurt with cool whip

4 Favorite Dinners

Mike's chicken salad with the most amazing dressing
Cafe Rio
baked potatoes
Minestrone soup

4 Websites I visit daily

my email account
google(me and Alexa like to ask google a lot, she thinks google is the smartest person ever!)

4 Hobbies

Making Cards

4 people I tag

Nancy Johanson
Shauna Brown
Katie Spear
Lindsay Bradburn

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What We've Been Up To

Dallin couldn't let Alexa be the only one dressing up. He is also pantsless because he ran away from me after a diaper change and I was too lazy to run after him. He ran around in just a diaper and these shoes for a few hours!!
We listened to a CD about missionary work for FHE and Jeff decided to lie down on the floor and Dallin ran and got his pillow and blanket, (his duvet cover with surfboards, made by Grammy)and Alexa followed. The way Dallin says pillow is so cute. It is kind of like plillow. We have so much fun around here.
Before the primary program. Alexa had a speaking part and she memorized it perfectly. The program was amazing. I had tears in my eyes while they sang, and when we joined them for the closing song I could hardly sing because I was so touched by the wonderful Spirit that the children brought to the meeting.
I put Alexa's hair in curlers for the program. So cute!!!!
My cute boy had to get in on the photo shoot.
He turned around by himself so I could get a shot of his hair too. This kid is so funny.
One of the many naps that Dallin gets on the couch because he won't go to sleep in his bed, so I ultimately give up and turn on a movie and he is out in 5 minutes.

We really are having fun these days.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Terrible, Awful, Horrible Twos!!

The last few weeks in our house have been crazy. Dallin is definitely a two year old who loves to kick, scream, hit me and throw tantrums about everything. There have also been a lot of days at our house with 20 minute naps, which is not good for a little boy who is so cranky because he is exhausted. Today at the park he didn't want to leave so he threw a fit and slapped me the whole way to the car and then once we were in the car it took me a full five minutes to get him strapped into his carseat, the whole time screaming bloody murder. Even Alexa said, "good grief Dallin!" I finally got him strapped in and about 10 minutes later he was asleep. Lucky for me he transfers from carseat to bed if he is only asleep in the car for about 10 minutes so today he had a two and a half hour nap. After his nap it is like I had a different child. He played with Alexa and was actually fun to have around. The problem with the naps is that he only takes naps if he falls asleep in the car and some days he gets a little catnap and then he is done.

Some days like Monday I thought I was going to lose my mind. But today I was able to see a glimpse of my fun little boy that I remember. He actually let me feed him some dinner(yes he makes me feed him too) and he went to sleep tonight after only having to put him back in his bed twice. I hope that this is just a phase and he will learn to express himself without slapping me and screaming. I love Dallin and I want him to have a happy childhood so I hope that we figure this part of life out soon and that he doesn't remember me sometimes pulling my hair out.

On a happier note, Alexa is reading so well now. Tonight she read a book to me that I thought for sure was too difficult, but she read it and I was amazed at her abilities. She was proud of herself too and is so excited to go to the library to get more books to read. Dallin also has a happy note, he has been going to nursery without crying and he has learned to speak a little better. He also knows what kind of cars everyone of his friends drives and every time he sees that kind of car he loves to say whos car it is. I love my children, hopefully the twos will go by quickly but hopefully time stands still too so I can hold onto them a little longer.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

He Sleeps

Well, I only had to put Dallin back in his bed twice tonight and then he fell asleep on his own. I was so sick of laying next to his bed until he fell asleep and then sneaking out of the room, so I tried just leaving and it worked!!! He got up a few times, but I just gently put him back in his bed and covered him up and gave hime a kiss and he went to sleep. I am so glad because Jeff has been gone all weekend and I needed a break. I hope this is a new trend.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a Weekend

We had a great weekend. It began with Alexa's first soccer game. She had so much fun. I am the coach, and it was so much fun to be out there with the girls. It was as we say a game of "bunch ball". The girls just followed the ball around everywhere it went. A few times I had to make sure the girls were going the right way, but all in all they did a great job. After the game Jeff and I drove up to Breckenridge for the night. We had a chance to finally celebrate our anniversary. My sister was kind enough to take our kids, and we had a relaxing few days. It was a great weekend, hopefully there will be more like it to come. Hi Dad!!
I'll take that!Go the other way!!!!!Bunch BallLake Dillon
What a view!!

p.s. I tried to post this about ten times but blogger was being lame.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quick Trip

We decided on a whim that we were going to go to Utah over the Labor Day Weekend, because we can. Now that we are in Denver we can get to my mother-in-law's house in about 8 hours. It is great to be so close. We left Friday afternoon and came back Monday night. It was a quick trip but it was so fun to see family. I apologize to any of you that are reading this that we didn't see. We were limited on time but we will be there again for Thanksgiving and I am sure for more weekend trips. We had so much fun. Thank you to The Barfuss' and Karen for making us feel so welcome. Here are a few pictures of the fun that we had. We went to the new Children's Museum at the Gateway mall in SLC.

Here I go!!!!

Are those balls ever going to come down?

Alexa loved this water exhibit, she could make things turn with the water.

Isn't this what we all look like when we pump gas?

Alexa got to anchor the news!!!

Dallin as a firefighter in a police cruiser.

We went to Nana and Papa's house to watch the BYU game. Dallin loved saying I luloo ( love you) to Nana and Papa.

Me, watching the BYU game intently. I only add this because I think I really only watched 5 minutes of the game.

Papa's garden, it was beautiful

Look at those amazing tomatoes!!!

Thanks everyone for a great visit. We can't wait to come again.