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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Roadtrippin in the USA
We made it! To Orlando that is. We left DC at about 5:45 yesterday morning(we were supposed to leave at 5:00) and we arrived in Orlando at about 6:30. We made good time. We stopped when we wanted to and had a great time. I much prefer roadtrips to flying. We didn't feel like getting up to leave at 5 so we didn't. When you fly you can't do that. We didn't have a stewardess telling us that we had to have a drink now and that we couldn't go to the bathroom. We stopped when we wanted to and snacked the whole time.
Even when Dallin was whining we just talked over him instead of worrying that he may be disturbing someone. The only one he was disturbing was himself because we went right on conversing. Alexa watched Happy Feet, Signing Time, Cars and Charlotte's Web. She thought that the portable DVD players that we bought for the car were so cool! She loved seeing the sights and having lunch at McDonald's.
I thought this was such a fun trip because it was actually through parts of the country that have character and life. When I was growing up we drove from California to Utah every summer. Each time we drove I wondered why Nevada was there? It was just a wasteland of nothingness and the drives were so borrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnggg! Yesterday we passed lakes and forests and towns with friendly southern hospitality. We got to see parts of the country that we have never seen before and it actually was relaxing.
We found a chapel to go to church at this morning and we are hanging out for the rest of the day. Dallin is sleeping next to me. I kind of like the fact that he has a hard time falling asleep unless I snuggle with him. He just wants to feel secure here in this strange hotel room. By the way our hotel is awesome. I will take some pictures, but it is just spectacular. Tomorrow it is off to Disney we go. Alexa has told everyone from the strangers at the park to the checker at Target that we are going to Disney World. I can't wait to see her face as we walk through those doors tomorrow. I will post pictures of our family at the Happiest Place on Earth.
Oh, and by the way congrats to Jeff! He is officially done with law school!!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

I Hate the Dentist
The whole side of my face is numb. The dentist really drugged me up for all of the drilling he had to do in my mouth. At one point during the whole ordeal I put my tongue to the top of my mouth and I could feel the huge hole he had drilled in my tooth. He had to drill so much that I felt like my brain was rattling around in my head. Oh what fun it was.
After the drilling finally ended he started to put the filling in. He told me that he had to put some medication on the nerve so that hopefully it would protect it and that it would begin to heal so that I would not have to have a ROOT CANAL. I am horrified of that term. I know they hurt like mad and they are a fortune. He is hoping that the filling will do the trick. Now I just have to watch for pain. Keep those fingers crossed that the nerve heals.
A while ago I posted about how I was giving up Werther's. I guess my teeth didn't get spared like I thought they would. But, I still have not had a Werther's since I made that post so maybe I won't do any further damage. I hope the enamel on my teeth is not totally gone. I have also made a promise to myself that I will floss everyday and the next time I go for a checkup there will be no cavities!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why Won't She Go to Sleep?
Why is it that at night all I want to do is go to sleep and Alexa fights it like the plague? Tonight she has had two snacks and she has been coloring for the last hour to put off the inevitable. Last night it took us an hour to get her to go to bed and at one point she was in tears because I didn't hear her calling me. She came into my room crying and saying she was disappointed in me because I didn't come running. She said I had not cleaned up my mess. I had left a night light out that did not work amymore. I think we have officially hit the power struggle period in our household.
I have resorted to an incentive system where she can earn or lose coins. She can save up her coins to buy things, but it seems that lately she has been losing more than she has been earning because everything is according to her own agenda. AAAGGGHH!! the life of a five year old.
To contradict everything that I have just written she just brushed her teeth and told her dad that it was time for him to put her to bed. When will I figure her out? I am sure I never will.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Day at the Park the lunch bunch
Ride em Ry Ry!

the wheels on the bus

We had a great day at the park on Monday. It was the first day in a long time that we got to get out of the house. It was actually about 85 degrees! The kids had so much fun. We went to a park in McLean. It is brand new with a ton of different things to do. The bus was definitley one of the boys' favorites.

On to other news of the family. Jeff has one more test to go in law school!!!!!!! He has a test on Friday afternoon and then we are actually done. We are celebrating by going to Disney World on Saturday morning. We are driving 13 hours. We bought a DVD player for the car and we have snacks and toys. Wish us luck on our adventure. We can't believe that we have actually made it through law school. Be sure to tell Jeff congrats. I sure am proud of my wonderful husband!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Balloon Guy and Alexa Doolittle

Alexa has been so into her "pets" lately. She has been making things for her Littlest Petshop toys. Like here she made a bed for her pig so he could sleep next to her at night. She puts him in his bed next to hers. She has been asking for a real pet for a long time but we are just not in the stage of life where we can get a pet. She wants a dog soooooo bad. I am just not a dog person, but I am sure she will wear me down soon.

Dallin got a balloon at Trader Joe's yesterday and I had to let him nap with it. He said thank you and blew me a kiss when I handed it to him. He zonked out and held on tightly. I just love that little guy.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mr. Independent

Dallin is the sweetest, cutest little boy, but boy is he ready to be independent. He now insists on walking up the four, count them four flights of stairs up to our apartment. Sometimes I can't handle it so I carry him up kicking and screaming. He also has started insisting on feeding himself. Now, some of you might say that is a great thing, but we only have carpet in our eating area. Rice Krispies getting stuck on the carpet is not a pretty sight. His independence is also a good thing. He has learned to ask for things by saying please and he is good at saying thank you as well. He has started to use sign language more and he can sign eat, drink, more, shoes, and milk to name a few. We have also started teaching him to say he is 2. We think it will take a few months before he gets it so we started early.

He has shown his sister that he can hold his own with her as well. He is always trying to ride Alexa like a horse, and just yesterday he was chasing her all over the house growling and screaming. He is really coming into his own and he has a fun disposition and a great personality. I guess I have learned that everyone has their own personality and independence is a good thing even though sometimes it is painful.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter at the White House!!!!

We had the opportunity to spend the morning at the White House yesterday for the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. A friend of ours was kind enough to share his tickets with us. We had so much fun doing all of the activities. Alexa soaked it all up. Dallin was a little wary of all the goings on but he did have some fun. It is an experience that we will never forget.
We came home and got warmed up,(it was freezing). Dallin took a much needed nap and I did too, which was a sign of things to come. I never nap.
Later Alexa said her stomach hurt and I said so does mine. She began throwing up and then so did I. I am so glad that we got sick after our trip to the white house and not during. We are doing better now, but it was an awful evening.
It is so great to live in such a fun place. We hope you all had a great Easter as well!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!!!!

We had a great day. I hope you all did too. These are just a few pictures that we took this morning. The kids looked so cute. Dallin was happy, you can't tell in the pictures though. As you can see we went with a green motif this year. I have been kind of MIA this week, because it was Alexa's spring break. We have been having so much fun it has been hard to find time to write. We went to parks and had picnics, went to birthday parties and had playdates. It was a great week.
We also babysat this weekend. Also another reason we have been kind of worn out. Last night as we were wrapping up the babysitting Alexa asked for some popcorn. I said that the microwave was acting weird so we would have to have some tomorrow. She said, "I know why the microwave won't work, It's Jealous!!! Yeah, that's it mom, it's jealous!" She is so funny. She is looking forward to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House tomorrow and then back to school on Tuesday.