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Saturday, December 22, 2007

We got Elfed

I think this is hilarious and Dallin calls it the Dallin show.
Check it out here:

Friday, December 21, 2007

It almost made my heart stop

Yesterday as we were just hanging out playing at home Alexa asked me a dreaded question that I was not ready for. "Mom, where did I come from?" I asked "What?" hoping she would forget what she had asked. Then she asked again. I told her that she had come from Heavenly Father and then she said, no you don't understand. I told her that Heavenly Father sent her to me and to daddy. She then began to cry and she told me "You don't know what I am saying." I was getting really nervous at this point thinking I am going to have to tell her the truth. Much to my happiness she looked at me and said, "Mom, I mean am I from a cold or a warm climate?" WHAT? I forgot she had watched a show on Playhouse Disney that morning about a girl who was sad that it was snowing because she was from a warm climate. Whew!!!

On another funny note: My little guy has become quite bilingual. He was running around yesterday saying "Hola Mom." Now if we could just get him to speak English this well!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our fun weekend

Well, my pictures are out of date order because blogger is being lame, but we had a great weekend that started on Thursday with a visit to Santa. Dallin and Alexa were so excited to see him and tell him what they wanted. We waited in line and when it was their turn they ran to see him. When Dallin was about 5 steps away from him he stopped dead in his tracks and started screaming. Needless to say he did not sit on Santa's lap. Alexa loved it and she was so glad that she could answer him by saying that she had been a good girl this year. Dallin did like sitting on the rudolph bench in Santa's village though. Maybe he will like Santa next year. On Saturday we decorated a gingerbread house. Jeff was the builder and the kids decorated. I made the icing and took the photos and we had a great time. The kids were so excited to see the finished product and they actually didn't eat too much candy because they were smart and put such stale candy in the kit that it really was not edible. Saturday night we were able to attend our ward Christmas party. The theme was "A Night in Bethlehem." The whole cultural hall was decorated like Bethlehem and we all dressed up in attire from the time. We had simple food and sat on blankets and they had a beautiful program. It was nice to actually have a "Christmas" party that was about Christ. Alexa was so excited to dress up she could hardly stand it and she loved the food too. It was plain bagels and fruit and deli meat. She looked at me at one point and said, "Mom, this is the best dinner ever!" she said this with a huge smile on her face. I love how she is so easily pleased. We are having a great Christmas season and we hope you all are too. Our Bethlehem attire. My outfit is a little random.

Sweet girl
Look at that excitement on her face and my hot husband in his getup.

This little guy would not keep his costume on.

The fun rudolph bench
So happy to see the jolly guy
Have you been a good girl? That looks like a good spot.Careful, yes you have it! Hard at work
The finished product.

Mom, why does it snow so much here?

It has been a winter wonderland around here lately. We got a few big storms and then a few small ones and it has been really cold. Alexa and Dallin have had a great time playing and sledding in the snow and having lots of hot cocoa afterward. While it has been great to play in it has been so cold!! The other day as we left to go to school it was snowing and about 18 degrees outside and Alexa said, "Mom, why does it snow so much here?!" I don't really like it. I just laughed and told her that is how the winter is here. We are enjoying the beauty of the snow, but there is a whole lot of it!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa Fe

This last weekend Jeff had to go to a term of court in Sata Fe, New Mexico. They were driving so Jeff asked me if I wanted to go. It took a while to convince me because I had to find places for the kids to stay, but I am so glad that I went. Santa Fe is so cool! Dallin stayed with Shauna and Alexa stayed with her aunt Lisa. I am so grateful that Shauna talked me into going even though she had two two-year olds on her hands. Thanks again Shauna and Lisa. We stayed at a really nice resort called La Posada and we ate good food and I even got to go to Trader Joe's! I was in heaven. Thanks for the recommendation on the Candy Cane Jo-Jo's Nancy. Anyway, it was a perfect getaway for Jeff and I. We hardly ever get time to ourselves and it was so nice to just talk, hold hands and catch up. We even got to see a movie! We never get to do that. We saw Dan In Real Life. It is a must see for any couple, definitely go see it. We had a great time and who knew that New Mexico could be so cool? Me in front of the cathedral on the plaza
Southwestern style
A nativity on top of a roof. Notice the luminaries that we up all over the city.

Trimming the Tree

I have been a slacker blogger lately, it has just been kind of crazy around here. December is always so crazy I know, but it always sneaks up on me. I am pretty much done with shopping now just a few more things to buy online and now maybe I can finish my Christmas cards! I think this is the last year they are going to be homemade. Anyway, we put up our Christmas decorations on the 1st. I am finally posting our pictures of us getting the tree trimmed. Jeff was sick with the bug that night and posting pictures was at the bottom of the list. Here are the kids having fun with the decorations. They both loved decorating and Dallin is finally understanding that he cannot pull decorations off of the tree. Now if anyone even touches the tree he is there to reprimand them. I love waking up in the morning and seeing our home decked out for the holidays. I hope all of you are having a good holiday season too.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I caught the plague from my kids and I was up at 1am worshipping the porcelain god. I understand why my kids felt so awful, because it was yucky! I am feeling better today, but still weak from lying down all day long. I don't think I have laid in bed all day since I was on bedrest with Dallin, don't even want to think about bedrest. We are staying away from anyone we know today to make sure we keep this little virus to ourselves. Jeff hasn't gotten it and we hope he doesn't. He came home yesterday and disinfected everything from doorknobs to remotes and washed the sheets so hopefully the bug is gone. Here's to health.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh What a Night

Last night was like so many that we have had in our household. Dallin is a regular wanderer in the wee hours of the morning and last night he was up at 1am. I nudged Jeff because it was his turn to tuck him back into his bed. Jeff got up and put him back to bed and we tried to fall asleep again. About 20 minutes later we heard coughing, both of us heard it and it sounded like a pretty wet cough. Jeff got up rather quickly and yelled to me, "Laura, he threw up." The scramble began.

Jeff took the screaming child and rinsed him off as I changed the bed and started the laundry. After I made his bed again and he was in clean jammies we put him back in his bed and we got back into ours. We were both hoping and I say hoping that this was just a fluke and he would be fine. This was not the case. Five minutes later we had a visitor in our room who had left a trail behind him. We got up again, changed his clothes, cleaned the carpet and I laid down next to him. For the next three hours I stayed next to his bed and caught the puke in a bowl as he tried to sleep through it. At about 4 I realized he was breathing heavily and I began to actually drift off.

Not so fast mama, the girl in the bed on the other side of the room was now awake and crying. She promptly threw up in her bed. I caught most of it, but had to change her clothes and sheets. As I was trying to grab a wipe to help her clean up I stepped in the bucket!!! Grooooooosssss! I then had to change my pants and start the washer again.

I stayed on the floor and told Alexa that if she needed to throw up she needed to tell me. She did as she was told and I was able to keep her clean. Although, I hit my head twice on the play kitchen waking up to catch the forthcoming vomit. At about 7:30 they both woke up and wanted to lie on the couch and watch TV. I tried to hydrate them and they both threw up one more time. I proceeded to disinfect the whole house and do three more loads of laundry. They were bored so I asked them if they wanted to watch me do Taebo. I was going crazy not being able to get out at all today. Dallin was feeling good enough that he was trying to do it with me. It is now 2:30 and Dallin is asleep and Alexa is actually having some toast. Let's just pray that tonight is a little more uneventful than the last.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Utah. We had a great time with family and ate yummy food. We forgot our camera most of the weekend, but these are some pics from the actual event. I have so much to be thankful for especially my wonderful husband and my two beautiful kids. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.

I LOVE that smile!
So grown up
Grammy, Calahan and Dallin( Her two cute boys)Alexa standing up with Andy telling us what she is thankful for.
The true activity on Thanksgiving.

So much to be thankful for!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Garden of the Gods

We went down to Colorado Springs on Saturday to see the Garden of the Gods, a park full of weird, natural rock formations. We had such a great time and the best part was that it was free! It has been in the 60s here for the last few days so we took advantage of this Indian Summer.

It was a great day!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Won

Dallin has become quite proficient in throwing major tantrums, and tonight was no exception. He cried from 6 to 7:30 about having ice cream, treats, bread and anything to eat, but what I had made for dinner. This is a normal occurence in our family, I make a good, healthy, and might I add tasty meal and he doesn't touch it. About an hour later when Alexa the good eater asks for dessert he usually gets some too. Tonight I was standing my ground there was going to be nothing to eat unless it was his dinner or something healthy. He cried, wailed hit me and cried some more. He cried for a solid 20 minutes because I would not give him bread. I told him that if he ate some ravioli (spinach and cheese from Costco, very yummy) he could have some bread he wouldn't so there was no bread.

Jeff left for a meeting in the middle of the bread fight, he called while he was on his way and wanted to know if I had given in. I was happy to say that I hadn't given in and I even got him to take a bath even though he was still screaming and throwing things at me. He calmed down in the bathtub and forgot about the bread, whoohoo!

After the bath Alexa asked for a treat while I was drying her hair. I told her that we were having healthy snacks tonight and she was fine with that, she chose a banana. I gave her a banana and then Dallin asked for one. I gave him one and thought when he doesn't eat I guess I will. To my surprise he ate the whole banana!! The madness doesn't stop there he asked for another one and ate about half of it. I guess when the little man is hungry enough he will eat something healthy. This kid has such a strong will lets hope I can stand my ground tomorrow.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Twelve Hundred Dollar Day

The day started off to a great start. Dallin slept in until 8 am and so did Alexa. I got to go to the gym while Jeff stayed home with the kids, (he had the day off, federal employee on Veteran's Day, woohoo!) After I came home we discussed our budget and finally came to an ugly, but realistic conclusion, life is expensive!! We moved on and thought great we are going to do well this month.

I left to go to the dentist. A few weeks ago I had a root canal done and then last week I went to the dentist to find out about the crown that I would have to get put on top of it. At the dentist he told me that I needed a crown on the tooth with a root canal and also a crown on the tooth next to it. OUCH!! Each one would be $721. With my insurance I pay half so for two I have to pay $721!!! So, I knew this and we had figured that out, not fun but life is like that sometimes.

As I was on my way to the dentist Jeff had decided to take the kids to lunch and to run a few errands. He called me right away and I thought he had forgotten to tell me something, what he had to say left me speechless and wondering why we were being punished. He said that the tire on his car was flat and that it wasn't just flat it was shredded. He told me that the guy at the store suggested that he get four new tires because the tires were just at that point. So, we spent another $400 on tires. This left us asking "why us?"

I also had to stop at Costco and get a few things we forgot and this bumped the total for the day up even further. Needless to say we stayed home from the movie we were going to see as a family and had leftovers for dinner. I could think of a thousand different ways I would like to spend this money, but I guess that is just life. Boy does it stink sometimes!!

p.s. send good vibes our way we need it

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Daddy daughter date

Jeff decided it was time to take Alexa to the golf course and teach her how to play. They went on Saturday afternoon and played nine holes. Alexa did great and she had so much fun with her Dad. A few months ago Jeff bought the kids a putter so she had a club of her own to help out with the putting. (See video of her putting.) She loved learning how to play something that her daddy has such a passion for. Look at that view!
Dad, this is fun, but boy is it sunny!Great form

I got a kick out of this video. She never gives up!

Catch up Photos

I was going through our photos and realized that I had a ton of pictures of events that I haven't documented. Here we are on Jeff's birthday, we went bowling. We had so much fun. Dallin was a super bowler. He wouldn't use the ramp that you see in the background. He had to roll the ball all by himself.The pro bowlerThe birthday boy and his girl!Me and my daddy We went to the zoo on the free day a few weeks ago. It turned out to not be so free because I got a parking ticket, bummer but we had a great time.
Alexa loves giraffes.
Hmmm, what's in there?
We carved pumpkins for FHE last week, Alexa loved helping clean out the pumpkin and then I toasted the seeds, she loved it!
As you can see Dallin was completely thrilled!

We went to the Wildlife Experience to go trick or treating. The kids had so much fun with the displays.
Those things look creepy.
Dallin digging for fossils
We have had such a fun October, I can't believe it is already November. I know we will have a fun holiday season too.