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Friday, December 29, 2006

Bedtime is For Mommies
It is now 8:08 and the children are in bed. I have two great children, but I am one tired mommy. I now realize that bedtimes were not established because children needed more sleep, but because sometimes mommies need a little shuteye. We have had an exciting week. We had Christmas and then we went to Colonial Williamsburg for a little family cultural excursion. I will post pictures of our trip tomorrow after I get some rest. Goodnight.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Great Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. Santa visited and he was very good to us. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. I was so glad that it was on Sunday and we could spend the day at church thinking about the true meaning of Christmas. I was so excited because Alexa was wearing a dress of mine from my childhood. My mom brought it to me at Thanksgiving. I got it cleaned and it was so exciting to see her wearing it. Once she was dressed, Jeff and I asked her if she knew who wore this dress before. She answered with an answer that is usually right this time of year, just not this time. She timidly said, "Jesus?" It was so cute. I was sad to tell her that no, only mommy had worn that dress not Jesus.

Christmas Eve was great, we even had a visit from Santa at a friend's party. Alexa loved him and Dallin didn't scream this time, he just clung to me for dear life. Christmas morning was so exciting. Alexa was soooo excited. We had to blindfold her because her room is between ours and the living room. We wanted to capture that face on camera. We had so much fun! Christmas is so much more fun when there are children around. I don't know how many times yesterday Alexa said "Mom, Dad you are so great." "I love it" and "thank you" Last night as I was tucking her in for the third time(too excited to sleep) she said "Mom, Santa is so wonderful He must really love me." Oh yes he does!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas
I haven't blogged in a while because I have been running around doing a ton of errands getting ready for Monday. I finally finished my Christmas cards which will not get there by Christmas, but they say happy holidays so I am safe. We have been making treats and wrapping and singing. While I have been out on my errands everyone has been so pleasant. I was in the grocery store this morning and everyone was cheerful and happy. Even the woman at the post office was nice. She even wished me a Merry Christmas, I love hearing that.
I have also been running around with my kids this week because Alexa is out of school for the holidays. Alexa really loves preschool and I can tell she really needs that time to learn, she is kind of bored. I love having her home though, she is fun to be with. Dallin has been funny and crazy this week. He is getting to the point where he knows what he wants but can't say it so he is contantly say Ughhhhh! and pointing. He runs from room to room say no no! because he knows he should not be doing some things. He is such a ball of energy. I had some quiet alone time with him this morning and we were reading and he was even saying baa baa when he saw a lamb. I love that alone time with him. At this time of year I am so thankful for all of the blessings that I have been given and the happiness that truly is in the world

Friday, December 15, 2006

My Nose Sounds like a Bird
Alexa has had a little cold this week and today she was breathing out of her nose finally. It was still kind of congested so it was making a whistling sound. Alexa said,"Mom, my nose sounds like a bird." It really did.
We had a lot of fun today. We went into DC to the botanical gardens and saw the train exhibit. Dallin thought it was so cool. He also thought the trains were special. He kept standing in front of them and folding his arms like he was being reverent. Alexa was so excited and she said that this was the most beautiful thing she has seen in the world. It was a great holiday excursion.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Program

Christmas Program
Alexa was in her Christmas program at school today. She had a great time singing. Here is a special version of "Go Tell It on the Mountain."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yesterday Alexa wasn't feeling well so she stayed home from school. I had a ton of errands to do so I called my friend Brynn and she said she would take the kids while I went all around town. Target-$50, Costco-$50 Michaels-$10. Running errands without your kids-priceless!
Broken Record
I do many activities throughout the day and this is how I sound while I am doing them.
Doing dishes-Dallin no!
vacuuming-Dallin no!
showering-Dallin drop the toilet brush!
emailing-Dallin stop dancing on the table!
driving-Dallin wake up!(he always falls asleep in the car) I have actually resorted to dancing and bribing with gummy bears to keep him awake. We all know that kids take better naps at home, right?
Our Crazy Days!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

1.Hey mom look that's a validation(dalmation)!
2.I'm not sick, my cough just hurts.
3.Are those oranges for me? Mom you're the best!(hug included)
4.Are we going to stay until the sun sets?
5.Mom, I want a sister. (she's not getting one yet)
don't you just love the mind of a four year old? I can't wait to hear what she says next!

Monday, December 11, 2006

First Day of Nursery

Not Picky

I thought Dallin was picky, but he is easily persuaded by his peers. I was babysitting two other boys his age today and he ate a ton of things he usually doesn't. For example, he ate grapes with his friends this morning and he didn't spit them out like he usually does. He also ate a quesadilla, he usually spits those out too. He then ate what I am most excited about. He ate a banana! He has not touched a banana in 6 months. He was watching his friend Brandon eat one and he thought he needed one too and he actually ate it. I guess peer pressure can be good. Hopefully it stays that way as he gets older.

On another subject, Alexa has been chatting with me lately and she has told me that she is going to be a mommy who listens to her kids and helps them clean their rooms. She also said that she needed to turn the TV off because it is not good to watch too much TV. She also loves to end her sentences with the phrase, "ya know?" I sometimes think she came to us from Minnesota. On yet another note, Dallin started nursery yesterday. It felt strange to sit through a full lesson. I found myself naturally running after my friends kids. I am sure it will get more normal each week. Freedom!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Banana in the eye, Oh My!
I got an intersting phone call yesterday at about noon. It was Alexa's preschool. They said that while she was eating her banana it hit her in the eye and she was really hurt. I was confused, when I got there they showed me that she had hit herself in the eye with the stem of the banana. Alexa is pretty tough, so I knew that if she was still crying there must be something wrong. Luckily, I have had many eye problems and have a great eye doctor nearby. I walked in with my two children, one with a black eye and the other just out of the crib from a jilted nap.
Anyway, they fit us right in. I didn't really think Alexa's eye was too bad because she wasn't screaming, she was just upset. I have scratched my eye before and it is horrible. Well, he looked at her eye and she had a large scratch on her cornea. He gave us some drops and she is fine. we went to McDonald's and got a Happy Meal and all was well. French fries can fix anything. This was the first emergency I have had with either of my children, but I know it will not be the last. Watch out for those bananas

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Uh-oh, the Lamb and the Gingerbread House

I write a ton about my 4 year old, but I also have the greatest little boy too. Sometimes I just forget to write as much about him because Alexa is always dominating my day with all the chatter. Today Dallin was definitely looking for attention. He has learned a new word. He loves to say "uh-oh". I was trying to write an email this afternoon and I turned around and he was on top of the kitchen table. He was throwing everything over the edge and saying uh-oh. He loves to climb now and he thinks he is so funny. I kept taking him off of things and saying no. He just said no and now he can shake his head too. He is getting smarter everyday. We were reading his favorite book this evening and he was playing peek-a-boo with the animals and saying uh-oh everytime we finished. He was even trying to say oink but it was more of a grunt.

Not to be left out, Alexa had a fun night tonight too. When my aunt was here for Thanksgiving we went to Mount Vernon. She bought Alexa a cute little stuffed lamb. Alexa has named this lamb Maddi Lamby. She takes her wherever she can, always bundled in a blanket to protect her from the cold. If it is not appropriate to take Maddi Lamby with her she asks me or Jeff to babysit her and she asks about her snacks and naps when she gets home. Can you say someone is watching me? I always ask those questions to a babysitter. Anyway, tonight we had a birthday party for Maddi Lamby. Yesterday we made a very pathetic gingerbread house, great for a lamb's birthday cake, but a bad excuse for a holiday decoration. It was a great celebration. Maddi Lamby is now 5 years old and a great addition to the family.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thanks Babe
My husband as most of you know is a law student if finals right now. He is busy with studying, teaching a class, grading papers and being a great dad. He took time today to stay home with Dallin because he was sick and he let me go to church. I substituted in the nursery which was actually a great thing.
This is not the only kind thing he did. He helped me with a project that I had been working on all weekend. He spent more than 2 hours helping me get things right and making spread sheets for me. He is so busy and he still finds time to help me and he also did the dishes after dinner. He is amazing and I want the world to know.

Santa Claus

We went to our ward Christmas party last night. It was beautiful if I do say so myself. We made 150 snowflakes to hang from the ceiling. I made a lot of them and helped hang them. They looked great. Dinner was wonderful and Alexa and Dallin loved Santa Claus. Can't you tell that Dallin loved him so much? Well, Alexa did and Dallin had a great time hanging with Dad on the stage. At one point Dallin was so tired that he was just laughing uncontrollably.
It is finally feeling a little more like Christmas. Yesterday we didn't have to turn on our AC. It has definitely cooled off. Alexa told Santa what she wanted and she also made snowflakes for everyone. She wanted to make snowflakes just like I did. Hers were different but everyone seemed to be glad to get one from her. I know everyone likes to brag about their kids, but Alexa is so selfless it is fun to watch. She is always looking for a way to give things to others. She is a joy! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Time Is It?
The life of a four year old is confusing. Alexa is now starting to realize that there is time. This is a hard concept for her to understand. We went to a friend's house on Sunday to play some games. We were supposed to be there at 7pm and she began asking what time it was at about 3:00. Finally at 4:30 after the millionth time of asking what time it was I told her to look at the digital clock and when it said 7:00 we could go. She was looking at the clock on the microwave at the time and she said okay I will wait. She proceeded to put her head in her hands and watched the clock. She is trying so hard to be like an adult. She was so excited when we finally got to leave that she could hardly contain herself. Maybe along with the lint for Christmas I will buy her a watch.
This is such a fun age. Yesterday she made "presents" all day for her friends. She loves to cut things out of the newspaper for friends and draw them pictures. She dances all the time and she talks a mile a minute. Last night I was laughing so hard at her babbling that I just had to grab her face and say stop! She has also had a lot of friends move so last night she was stalling at bedtime so she said,"mom, I only have two friends left."
A few more fun things she has said the past few days.
"It smells like brocolli out here."
"I love fish!"
"Mom you need a bow in your hair. Wear one tomorrow okay?"

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Many Thanks
I have so much to be thankful for. This past week my parents and my aunt were here to visit. I have been off of the blogging because of the fun we have been having with family. I am so thankful that I have family and friends that love me and my little family so much.
It was the first time I had ever hosted Thanksgiving at my home, and it was really fun to be the hostess with the mostest. We had a traditional meal and relaxed and watched a movie. While my parents were here we toured DC and ate out and played with the kids. It was great to have family here. It is hard to live so far from them.
Alexa and Dallin had a great time with grandma and grandpa and Anna Lea. They loved all of the attention and grandma even had some lint for Alexa. So much fun. I am so thankful for this time of year. I love to reflect on the year and think about how lucky I am to live in the United States and have the freedoms that I have. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why Do I buy Toys?
My kids are so funny. I buy them toys that are fun and educational and they like to play with happy meal toys and trash. This past week has been so funny. Alexa was wearing a pair of pants that I had just washed and pulled out of the dryer. She stuck her hand in the pocket and she found a green ball of lint. You would have thought she had found a pot of gold. She said mom look at this treasure that I found. She was so excited to show daddy her lint ball when he got home. It doesn't stop there. She has held onto her lint ball for three days now. She brought it with her to the park yesterday to show Andrea and Nicholas her wonderful treasure.
Dallin has been playing with a pair of Little Mermaid sunglasses from McDonald's. He thinks he looks so snazzy in his shades. They both also like playing with Alexa's treasure box that we got for a dollar at Michael's. She keeps her treasures(lint balls) safe inside of it. I think this Christmas I will just clean out the lint trap in the dryer and wrap it up!
Another little Alexaism... Mom are these Macaroni Grill apples? (Macintosh)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Acts of Kindness
As I sat in a very crowded waiting room of a doctor's office, I saw a wonderful act of kindness. There are still wonderful people in this world. An older woman who didn't speak English very well was there to see the doctor. She was using a cane and she said she had been dropped off by her daughter. The receptionist came to her and was explaining some paperwork to her. As she finished the receptionist told the older woman that she owed $30.00 for her co-pay. There was a $15 balance from her last visit and a new fee of $15. The woman was confused and she did not have the money. The receptionist was going to talk to the doctor and see if they could see her when a generous woman offered to pay her bill.
I sat watching and saw this woman pay her copay and this woman's copay. I know to most people $30 is not that much money but for me that is a big chunk. (We are still in school.) After the woman finished paying the older woman thanked her profusely and wanted her name so she could pay her back. The woman refused and told her she was glad to help. The office was still busy, but it was a nicer room to be in now that I knew there were such kind and generous people there waiting with me.

Happy Family
We had the chance to have some photos taken of our family this past weekend. I thought it would be fun to dress up the same and take some nice photos in the beautiful fall leaves. I love documenting out little family's growth.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yesterday I thought I would get a head start. We are having family come to town this weekend, so I began the cleaning process early. I thought, I will get so much done now so when it gets closer I will be more relaxed. I started the laundry and realized I had a mountain. I decided to wash Alexa's bedding, and I decided to wash it all at once. Alexa is not a child that likes just one blankie. She has five blankets and a special pillow. I cannot believe that I tried to do it all at once.

I put the load in and went about doing more incredible feats like scrubbing floors and cleaning closets. I came back to check on my laundry and found about an inch of water on the floor. I panicked. I called my mom and asked her if I could drain the washer. She said no, just take out the laundry and let it finish the cycle. I did and it worked. The good thing is that I had to use so many towels and there was so much water that I scrubbed my floor and washed all of my towels, in small loads of course, for our company. You would think after 4 years of being a house wife that I would know better, but I guess there's always new things to learn.

Another Alexa tidbit ......Today we were going into TJMaxx and she was trying to grab my hand. I had my hands full and I told her to just walk close to me. She so no way. I asked her why, she would be okay. She looked and me and said in a cute little voice. "Mom, I'm only 4!"

Monday, November 13, 2006

Dallin is now 17 months old and this time is so exciting. Last night as we were leaving out friends house he said in the cutest voice,"bye", and he was waving. I also can ask him a question and he nods. I asked him if he had fun at the nursery at the gym and he nodded yes. I also asked for a kiss and he laid one on me. I love how he knows how to communicate with us now. Every stage is so exciting

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Small Victories
As many of my friends and family already know I have a very picky little boy. He loves to spit everything out. He pretty much subsists on milk and peanut butter sandwiches, oh and cereal, he loves cereal. That is good so he gets a lot of whole grain. Anyway, I was complaining to my mother in law last night and she said just keep offering and don't give in.

This afternoon he was standing at the fridge whining for a snack and I decided to try cheese. He loves cheese when it is melted but he spits out just regular cheese. I had Alexa eat some and I ate some and he thought we were cool and he ate a WHOLE PIECE of cheese. Most of you must be thinking this woman is crazy, but for those of us with picky eaters this was a small move forward. Now I need to move on to fruits and vegetables, keep those fingers crossed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Civic Duties
I went to the polls this morning to cast my vote. I have been telling Alexa all week about why we vote. I told her we get to go and say who we want for our leaders in this country. She has seen campaign ads on TV and knows who the candidates are. She then asked Jeff this morning if the leaders we vote for will be the line leaders like she has at school. Anyway, we got to the polls this morning at the local high school and she asked when she could go to high school. I told her when she was 14 and she thought that was so cool.

We walked into the gymnasium and she asked if we were going to play basketball after we voted and then she looked around completely puzzled. She said,"Mom, where is president Bush?" When I just kind of laughed she looked at me with huge eyes and asked again. I was sad to tell her that he wouldn't be there. I love how children have no idea that there are VIPs in the world. Everyone to them is the same. Well, she got a sticker that said "I Voted" and we left. Hopefully this will teach her that she always has a voice in our country

Monday, November 06, 2006

Spring Cleaning
I know it's not spring but I cleaned and cleaned today and it felt so good. I love to have a clean house. I always have a neat and tidy house. Today I did the deep cleaning. I even scrubbed baseboards and such. I cleaned cabinets and floors and the fridge and pantry. Life just seems to go better when your house is squeaky clean. Cleaning as therapy, think about it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Too Much Information
I just picked Alexa up from preschool and she asked to go to the library. I said of course we can go to the library. I thought it was a great idea. We sat down and read some books and had a great time. Alexa then said she wanted to read one more and then go. I told her to pick one more out. It was called Howler and it had a dog on the front and it looked really cute. I said sure, let's read it.
Well, the "author" was the dog. It was the world through the eyes of this dog. The dog in the story was part of a family. In the family there was a little girl and a mom and a dad. The mom was pregnant and then all of a sudden there was a new person in the house. The Howler. Well, when the dog didn't get enough attention he decides to go find a friend. He goes off and finds a girl dog and then the story proceeds to tell us how he and his new friend spend time together and then have puppies. Curious Alexa wanted to know all about it.
I am not ready for that conversation yet and this book was kind of tasteless. The dog didn't get enough attention so he goes and finds a "friend" and they have puppies. Come on! I guess we have to be careful at the local library too.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Halloween
We had such a wonderful halloween. Alexa and Dallin had so much fun dressing up and going trick or treating with their friends,Nicholas, Ryan and Brandon. We had dinner at Nicholas' house and then went trick or treating. During dinner Alexa commented "This is the best dinner ever." You can tell that she loved it because she has guacamole or as she calls it "blocamole" on her leotard.
We have so much candy at our house we could open a candy store, but that hasn't changed Alexa too much. Don't get me wrong, she does like candy, but she did say to me when we got home from trick or treating that she was hungry and she wanted a banana because she needed to have a healthy food. Dallin doesn't see life that way. He was grunting for more chocolate.
We had so much fun. Halloween is so much fun now that we have kids. I can't wait for next year.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fun Weekend
We had so much fun this weekend. It all started on Thursday. Jeff was able to come home semi-early and I went out with some friends. As I was leaving the kids were getting out of the bath and Jeff was combing Alexa's hair. She asked if he was going to use the blow dryer. He said no. She said,"You won't blow dry my hair because they don't learn that in Dad school." She then later that night said she wanted Jeff to play college football when he grows up. We have a crazy one.
We went on a lot of fun outings this weekend and even had someone over for dinner on Sunday. The kids were crazy. Dallin was in such a strange mood that he even threw up after dinner. I think the time change has kind of messed him up. Alexa loves having people over. She even played Candy Land with our guest and she won. She proceeded to dance around the room, singing,"I won, I won." Too bad she has such low confidence. haha.
Some more little funny tidbits from Alexa. Today she asked why we have feet and I forgot to write about her comment to Jeff's mom that when she turns 100 she will stop growing. She also asked me what weird meant. After playing at a friends house this week she said this to Jeff. "Dad, next time you are in China you need to bring me the movie of Cars." She had watched a pirated copy from China. She thinks going to China is like going to Utah. Four is such a fun age. She loves to copy me. She always grabs her stool when I am putting on makeup and she puts on her pretties. I know I am in trouble. She will want to wear real makeup very soon.
Dallin is so sweet lately. He loves to see me and he runs up to me with his arms wide open. He leans forward and gives me juicy kisses. I love that kid! I was telling Jeff we should be on reality TV because we are a fun sight to watch.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Inquiring Minds
I am amazed by the questions I get day to day. Just a few of Alexa's questions today. "Why do we have hair? Why are there people? Are we there yet?" Okay, the last one started a few months ago, but she said it again today. I just love to hear how curious she has become. She is so inquisitive. I am a little scared for some of the questions that will start soon. Like the baby questions.
Someone was over for dinner last night and asked us which stage was harder. The whining stage of a 1 year old or the questions of a 4 year old. I don't know but I find myself and my mind exhausted at night so I guess they are both hard stages, but utterly awesome to be a part of. As I sat tonight reading stories to Alexa and Dallin I was so glad to be their mommy. Dallin was holding my hand and he was leaning in to give me kisses, and Alexa wanted me to scratch her back. As I left her room after tucking her in she said, "excuse me, I need a pony." She then said she loved me. I love her questions and I love being her mom.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

C-Span and The Short Bus
I didn't have time to write last night because I was ironing for Jeff. He needed a perfectly starched shirt for today because he is going to be on C-Span. So if any of you feel like it he will be on at about 1:30 eastern. He is so excited. He was the head honcho, chairperson, man in charge of putting his symposium together and it finally comes to fruition today. I was up late getting things ready for him. I am so happy that it has finally come so the air in our house can relax. My husband the TV star!
Alexa didn't have school yesterday because of a teacher improvement day so we had a lot of fun together. As we were getting in the car to go to the park yesterday the shuttle that takes Jeff to the metro in the morning drove by. She said "mom look, that's Daddy's little short bus." Alexa and her antics never stop. I also told her yesterday that Jeff would see her for a few minutes before she went to bed and she said "oh my, that's fantastic! She is so fun to listen to.
We got a fender bender a few weeks ago and I finally got around to getting the car fixed. It just has a little scratch but the whole bumper needs to be replaced. I love my Honda Pilot because I feel like a sporty mom. I get to drive an SUV that is low enough for kids to climb into but it is also good looking. This morning they gave me a KIA Sedona, a minivan. I guess it's okay, but I miss my pilot. I think it is easier to get kids into my Pilot. I guess there are both sides. People who are minivan people and those who aren't. I guess I am somewhere in the middle since I drive a "mommy SUV" as Jeff's brother calls it. Anyway, I love my car and I can't wait to get it back. I missed having it all summer and it has been nice to have it again. Let me know if you have an opinion about minivans.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Well, the 5K went well, but I realized that I am not 20 years old anymore. My knees hurt so bad. I hope that gets better. Other than that I ran a very good race. My time was a respectable 27 minutes and 19 seconds. I think I will start training for a half marathon in March. It will be beautiful. It goes through DC past all of the monuments. It sounds great.

Life is crazy. Dad didn't even get to see the kids yesterday or today. He is so busy with school but we are so proud of all of his accomplishments. He actually has a dinner this week that I get to attend with him alone. I get to dress up and everything! I found a dress yesterday and it is perfect because I already have shoes to match. I think that is one of the best things in life if you can find a dress that you already have shoes for. I love to buy shoes but finding the perfect ones is tough. I am so excited to go on a fancy date.

I was having this discussion with my girlfriends this morning about our children growing so fast. I can't keep them clothed. That sounds bad. I mean they grow out of things so fast. I dressed Alexa on Saturday and her pants were high waters and her shirt was a bare midriff. I thought she didn't need much this winter, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well, I guess I have to shop.

Friday, October 13, 2006

From the mouths of babes
So, we are driving to preschool this morning and Alexa asked why she had to wear a coat. Today was the first day it was cold enough to warrant wearing a coat. I told her that we have to wear a coat when it is cold outside. She then asked if she could take her coat off at school. I told her of course, because school would be warm. She then said "You're right mom, everyone has their own little "hooker" for their coats." I started laughing and told her it was called a hook. She was confused by the laughing, but I just had to laugh at that one.
We have had an exciting week with the pumpkin patch trip and Dad's birthday. Alexa fell down a hill at the pumpkin patch and being the total girl that she is she was mostly concerned that she had gotten sand in her hair. She also told Dad that yesterday was Columbus' birthday and that he had three boats, the nino, the pinto and the santa marina. She remembered all of that but it slipped her mind that it was Dad's birthday too. She is a funny one.
Dad and I went on a date tonight for his birthday and Alexa asked if she could go too. Dalllin wanted to go too, but we got to go by ourselves, thanks Brynn.(she babysat). We had so much fun actually having a conversation. It was nice to be a couple.
I also went shopping today and on the way home I was trying to keep Dallin from falling asleep. Every mom knows that if they fall asleep in the car the day is shot. I was trying to pull on his legs, give him treats and play music. Nothing worked. He is definitely a second child. He could sleep through a hurricane. True to form he woke up as soon as we got home and took a short late nap. He was so cute as I tried to keep him awake. He just gave me a crooked smile and went back to dream land.
Speaking of dream land, it is calling me. Gotta go.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I finally figured out how to blog. I am not technologically savvy and it took me a little while, but I finally got the hang of it. I am learning more about technology so I can stay up with my kids when they start to figure it out. I have time to do things like this now that Dallin takes a few naps a day now. Hallelujah. Life in DC is good. We are settling into the new school year and it is so much fun to see how Alexa can learn so much. She is growing up so fast. We have been enjoying the Indian Summer here, but it is about to end. We will have to find fun malls with playgrounds. I am doing so great. I actually have signed up to run a 5K and I can't wait to be around the race culture again. Maybe next year I will be able to train for a marathon. I think running is in my blood. It feels so comfortable to me to be in my running shoes again. I am enjoying motherhood. My children are so fun to be with and it is so fun to watch them learn and grow. I can't wait to see where we go from here.
I finally figured out how to blog. I am not technologically savvy and it took me a little while, but I finally got the hang of it. I am learning more about technology so I can stay up with my kids when they start to figure it out. I have time to do things like this now that Dallin takes a few naps a day now. Hallelujah. Life in DC is good. We are settling into the new school year and it is so much fun to see how Alexa can learn so much. She is growing up so fast. We have been enjoying the Indian Summer here, but it is about to end. We will have to find fun malls with playgrounds. I am doing so great. I actually have signed up to run a 5K and I can't wait to be around the race culture again. Maybe next year I will be able to train for a marathon. I think running is in my blood. It feels so comfortable to me to be in my running shoes again. I am enjoying motherhood. My children are so fun to be with and it is so fun to watch them learn and grow. I can't wait to see where we go from here.
This is a test.